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I see the Canadiens have signed 6’3′, 245 lb. Swedish defenceman Douglas Murray to a one-year, $1.5 million contract.

I’m not going to, as they say in Russia, hang spaghetti on your ears. I don’t have a clue what this means. All I know is he’s big, he’s slow, he played in San Jose for awhile, he was signed by the Pens last year, and even though he’s Swedish, with the name Douglas Murray you’d think he was from Orillia or Milwaukee.

I could go on about how the team continues to get bigger and we should have high hopes for the guy and he’s just what the doctor ordered and all that, but I’m no fortune teller. Heck, I can remember being slightly excited when the Habs brought Scott Gomez aboard.

Anyway, welcome to Montreal, Douglas. You should try the smoked meat at Schwartz’s, Smoke Meat Pete’s, Reuben’s, and Lester’s. And cars tailgate you here, the downtown is fantastic, the women are lovely, there’s lots of road construction, and if your car GPS is slightly old, you’re screwed.

12 thoughts on “Welcome Douglas”

  1. Me either, Ian. But we’ll see. Maybe he’ll help. But he didn’t seem to do much in Pittsburgh so it’s not the most exciting signing. I was more excited when we got Parros.

  2. This summer Bergevin signed the only two NHL players from this list.


    And more importantly, he’s the a co-inventor/founder/owner of the Ubertap.


    So besides worrying that he’ll get the team drunk 5 times faster, my issue is that there’s no place for him on the roster. We now have 8 defencemen with one way contracts and I was hoping that Tinordi and Beaulieu would stick around as well. So who’s out?

  3. So maybe that’s what Bergevin is going for, Christopher. A smart team. If so, we know we’ll never get Brad Marchand. I was hoping about Tinordi and Beaulieu too. Really hoping for big things from Tinordi. I think he has to play with more of a mean streak, but that could come. Love beer taps. And any player that makes nice draught taps is okay in my books!

  4. I like this signing. Bottom 6 defender but he’s 6’3″ and 245 lbs. Equal to Desharnais and Gallagher combined). And he has a mean streak. I would take this over guy over Weber over any other D man on our roster except Subban or Markov. Tinordi needs more time as he doesn’t have much of a mean streak yet and his play needs more coaching as well. He will clear the net for Carey. Our other d-men are too small. We need this size. And he’ll have more of an impact than Parros because he’ll play a shift and the penalty kill. Too tired of being too small. it’s getting old and embarrassing.

  5. Well if he’s faster than Hal Gill, he’s got my vote. I also prefer slow to chicken shit which is what we have too much of. We need heart muscle strength, not afraid to get dirty instead of young pretty boys used to trying to impress girls in the stands. That’s where we went off the rails these past 20 years. We have had the wrong kind of players. we haven’t had winners. No one wants to play in Montreal because we’re too small. I wouldn’t want to play in Montreal. Getting bigger will attract more players.

  6. Douglas Murray fought Parros in 2009 among other heavyweights. He has held is own. The guy is a giant. Lucic will have his hands full. Will be interesting.

  7. We can rotate 8 d-men on the roster as the situation changes from team to team and why not have a solid veteran around to help Tinordi grow a meaner streak but in a smart way plus Beaulieu will benefit as well and our team won’t be pushed around so easily. I like this move by Bergevin.

  8. And also, Joe, it’s depth for injuries. So all in all, it seems to be a good move. Maybe Douglas Murray could do some crystal meth before each game.

  9. I don’t mind his slowness if he can shutdown opponents like Gill did. Or at least help our penalty kill which took a step backwards last year. I don’t like that he had the worst +/- on the Sharks last season and was the second worst on the Penguins.

  10. If Douglas can plow people out of the crease, he’d sure help Price. And yes, that +/- is a bit of as concern. But at lease we got even bigger and that’s good.

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