Weise Inked

Louis Leblanc is traded to Anaheim for a conditional 5th round pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, Michel Therrien earns himself a four-year contract extension, and now Dale Weise has a two-year extension in his back pocket.

That’s the easy stuff for Marc Bergevin, and I’m tremendously happy about Weise being rewarded. He’s gritty, tough, and full of character. And unlike the majority of NHLers, he loves the whole idea about being a Montreal Canadien.

He’s like me, only instead of gritty, tough, and full of character, I’m gritty, weak, and full of shit.

For Therrien, what happens if he loses the room or gets into a major blowout with Bergevin early into his four years?

Now it’s getting P.K. to sign on the dotted line and deciding what to do about Andrei Markov, who apparently has his heart set on a three-year deal. After a few more years, Markov will be almost as fast as Hal Gill at his slowest.

And no, now that Shawn Thornton is being set free in Boston, he’s not welcome in Montreal and the idea of him wearing the CH should never be considered. So stop considering it or I’ll spray you with water.

7 thoughts on “Weise Inked”

  1. “He’s like me, only instead of gritty, tough, and full of character, I’m gritty, weak, and full of shit.”

    Somebody has self-esteem issues 🙂

  2. I’ll take Weise in his role and Dennis in his role, and I’d say Hab fans having a good day!

  3. I’m happy about Weise too and sure the rest of Habs fans are as well.

    You’re funny, Dennis!!!!

    Wonder where Thorton will go or why they’re getting rid of him…

  4. Marjo, Thornton just wasn’t an asset anymore. Time for him to move on. And maybe management weren’t crazy about his water spraying.

  5. $1M/year seems like a bargain for Weise.

    It’s unfortunate about Leblanc. For the past few years I was hoping he’d make the team. When he was called up, I thought he played well enough, he wasn’t the weakest link on the team. But for whatever reason, the past two seasons he didn’t play well enough in Hamilton to earn the trips to Montreal.

    Four more years of complaining about Therrien’s incomprehensible coaching decisions.

  6. I think a big part of the reason the Bruins are not resigning Thornton is because they don’t have the cap space. They have to pay a salary cap penalty next year to make up for last year’s Iginla contract. 70% of his $6M was considered a bonus which he earned by simply showing up.

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