Weise Ends It

Dale Weise would score at 19:08 of of the first overtime frame to give his and our Montreal Canadiens a 5-4 win and and a nice one-game lead in what should be an outstanding series.

Fast paced, close, tense, some bad blood, and the right team winning. Now that’s hockey!

The Canadiens easily could have lost though, especially after allowing four goals on just fourteen shots. But thanks to some timely goals and Weise pulling the trigger, all’s well in Habsland.

Carey Price wasn’t particularly sharp, but the Canadiens were still able to get it done, even with him being slightly shaky, and the boys on this night outplayed Tampa for most of the first period, much of the second and third, and most of the overtime.

It was one of those nights that whenever play moved into Montreal’s end, the possibility was there that things could go south quickly. And four times it did.

But the Canadiens never let things get out of hand, they scored some timely goals, and that big first game is won by the team that should have and did.

Tampa had opened the scoring in the first period but just nineteen seconds later, Tomas Plekanec wired it home and the teams went to their rooms all even, although Montreal had outshot the Floridians 14-4.

In the second frame, not long after Brendan Gallagher took a puck in the throat from an Alexei Emelin shot from the blueline, Steven Stamkos would notch his first of two on the night and put his team ahead 2-1. Gallagher would return thankfully. But he might not be happy with Emelin.

Back and forth it went, playoff hockey at its finest, fans everywhere on the edge of their seats and couches I’m sure, and in the midst of scrums and battles, Brian Gionta would take a nice pass from Lars Eller and score a big shorthanded marker that caused Luci and I to yell and once again scare the cat that has happened far too often this year.

It’s going to be a long series for the cat.

The Canadiens would take the lead in the third period after Brian Gionta had corralled the puck at his blueline and got it to Lars Eller who danced up the ice and found the back of the net. A beautiful goal, and the Eller, Gionta and Bourque line skated well and created chances all evening. Hell, all the lines skated well I thought.

Sidenote: P.K. Stock said we have one good line and the other three suck. Just so you know.

One of my big dreams is to be rich enough so I could have spare TVs and whenever Stock comes on, I shoot the TV out the way Elvis used to.

Again the pesky Lightning would reply after a turnover, and the way Price was looking in nets, I experienced one of those strong sinking feelings that I’m really not crazy about.

Things would perk up though after Thomas Vanek converted a great pass from David Desharnais, but Steven Stamkos wasn’t through on the night as his second goal would even things at four apiece. Tampa’s captain is dangerous. Therrien’s gonna have to come up with a plan to calm this guy down down.

Sadly, Montreal’s power play continues to shoot blanks, and when they were given a power play with just 2:01 left in the third, the chance to win it was there on a silver platter. But again…..

Montreal’s man advantage at this stage of the year is confused and non-threatening. Throw out the power play drills they recently did in practice and come up with some new ones. Ask PJ Stock. Maybe he can help.

Overtime almost ended quickly when Max rang one off the post, and usually after something like that happens, the other teams scores. But Tampa didn’t, Dale Weise did, and at that point, I breathed a sigh of relief and now my heart is soaring like a Tawny-Headed Mountain-Finch.

Game two on Friday. Without sounding like a greedy bastard, another win would be good.

Habs outshot Tampa 44-25 on the night.

14 thoughts on “Weise Ends It”

  1. Fantastic game! what a sally back and forth! old time hockey, scary unpredictable and no one cld have forseen that Weiss was gonna get that goal. Max came close but his time will come. You must have been tired when you wrote your column, hahah the score was 5 to 4, not 4 to 3. Love that Elvis image of the tv. and by bye stocky! They’re on the way, and one myth got blow away as well, to wit that the team can’t play unless the goalie carries them. Price, as you said, and everyone noticed was not at his best however, who is always at his best? They won, that’ s the bottom line and Friday they go to it again. Till then!

  2. Last two games changed my mind about re-signing the captain. He’s a very much a Canadien… at the right price.

    NBC has taken over all TV coverage (did I really see Bourque putting for effort?) for the playoffs, so I’m unable to catch NHiC’s Leaf Blowers. What did I miss?

    We head to Florida today for game 2! I’ll be the (only) guy wearing a Moen 32 road jersey…

    Expecting push back from Tampa’s thugs, but as I wrote yesterday. We’ll win because our team is better! GoHabs Go

  3. I confess!!! I turned my back to the TV in overtime–poor loser is me .But I glanced over to see the tail-end of Dennis’ transformation into a Tawney Headed Mountain Finch—#22 gets his first playoff goal!!!!HOW SWEET IT WAS!!!!! Seeing M Bergeron do his little jiggie dance was the dish that held the ice cream. Price gave his teammates a chance to grab the “3 stars of the game award” but pulled off some beauty saves after each Tampa goal. Probably to give Weise a chance to shine!!! He may not be the BEST player but his resume won my heart. Folks — about PJ Stock— isn’t it great the way Elliot Friedman so tackfully rebukes him regualary—-and isn’t it true that PJ ‘s gonna eat crow someday soon regardless how the Habs do, I hope we’re ALL there for the dinner party–I’ll buy Dennis a jug of wine. Is Markov showing a side that’s kinda new–he seems to throw some good hits lately; maybe the Train Wreck is giving him new purpose to his game. How does a person separate paragraphs on a key board anyway? Finally—is Thornbush gonna bench players for goof-ups that light the lamp–or just P.K. gets the treatment? Lost in the thrill of a win is my dislike of that mauw-mauw!!!!!

  4. I was tired William. And very much frustrated. Halfway through writing my story my site crashed again. So I started again on Word and tried to remember what I’d just written.Anyway, a really good game and it would have been a downer if they’d lost after outshooting Tampa like that. A second win in Tampa would be a big one.

  5. What a thriller! So nice to win away. Like you, Dennis, price made me nervous. Especially when he would come out to the side , way too far, leave an open net and be slow to come back. This happened too often. Let’s attribute his first game errors to nerves. I think Friday he will play much better.

  6. Mike, Stock said all Tampa has to worry about is the Vanek line because the other three don’t do much. The guy is such a goonbah.Have a GREAT time in Tampa. Good for you!

  7. Peter, as soon as Weise scored I thought of you. His dad must be a happy man right now. I’m afraid to reread my report. I had trouble in the middle of it and had to begin again. And it was midnight. Maybe Emelin’s style has rubbed off on Markov a little. Maybe they help each other in lots of ways.Great game. Now Friday to do it again.

  8. PJ Stock proves his idiocy every time he opens his mouth (which is a lot). Living down south, where I do, we actually had to watch the Tampa tv feed, and I have to be honest, it wasn’t bad at all. Certainly, it was vastly better than anything we would ever hear out of Jack Edwards, or the CBC and its Make-Believes cheering section. The broadcasters gave the Habs full credit all game for the way that they were playing. This game was a 180-degree turn from the way the regular season series went. For one thing, goals came fast and furious, when they couldn’t be found during the four regular season meetings. Second, Montreal absolutely dominated play from a territorial standpoint, which was what Tampa did during the regular season series.

    Carey Price has had much better nights, and he will need to be much better in game two because you can be sure that a desperate Lightning team will be much better defensively. And, can SOMEONE please check Steven Stamkos?!?!

  9. Ian, this morning TSN 690 played a tape of the Tampa radio broadcast when Weise scored and announcer called it like he was the most disappointed guy on earth. His voice lowered and he sounded like he was at a funeral. It was funny. In my experience from over the years, most but not all American announcers are absolute homers and don’t make any attempt to hide it. I remember Johnny Gottselieg on the radio out of Chicago describing the play by calling the Hawks players by their first names as play went on, but the Canadiens by the last names. “And it’s Bobby over to Stan, back to Pierre” etc. So I’m happy when you say the TV guys down there were good. It’s much more professional that way.

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