Weird Story Of The Day

I just heard this on my car radio. Gilbert Brule, a Vancouverite now playing for the Edmonton Oilers, was driving with his girlfriend near Horseshoe Bay in West Van, (where the ferry terminal is located) and drove past a guy hitchhiking. Brule mentioned to his girlfriend that the hitchhiker looked a lot like Bono, the lead singer of U2.

Against his girfriend’s wishes, Brule turned the car around, went back, picked up the hitchhiker, and it actually was Bono, who was very friendly and offered the two a pair of tickets to the U2 concert.

Don’t you find that weird?

One thought on “Weird Story Of The Day”

  1. The key part of the story for me was that Gilbert Brulé picked going to the U2 concert in Edmonton rather the Canucks game. When it comes to hockey, Bono and U2 come before Canucks and Bruins. No one would give up Canadiens Stanley Cup final tickets.

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