We Wait To Hear About Max

Max Pacioretty – our young, long-legged power forward, considered one of the few untouchables on the Montreal Canadiens, rammed into the support holding the glass near the team benches by an overgrown slug named Zdeno Charo, with possible injuries I don’t care to think about.

If there is a God in heaven, please look after Max. And if the NHL does the right thing, they’ll take care of business regarding Chara. Now Colin Campbell or Mike Murphy, whoever it may be, needs to remove this guy for awhile.

Yes, the glass support did the damage. But it was a late and nasty hit, a career-ending type of hit, and Chara didn’t get a five-minute interference penalty and a game misconduct for nothing.

Now we wait.

And to Bruins fans, your team got their asses kicked and it began when Johnny Boychuk tried to do damage to PK Subban with a knee-on-knee, whereas Ryan White proceeded to thump the defenceman. I’m sure Bruins media and bloggers, as they always do in cases like this, will be saying Boychuk got the better of the deal, but not a chance. White cleaned his clock.

I ask all Habs fans – try to imagine PK Subban out for the season with a knee injury compliments of a dirty check. Try to imagine.

The Bruins lost the fight and they lost the game 4-1. And Brad Marchand, who was a goof with Team Canada Juniors a few years back, who made such idiotic plays that he was benched most of the time in the World Juniors, couldn’t get it done on his penalty shot. This, after whining beforehand that Montreal doesn’t play fair or some such nonsense. Just a mouth that roared who needs a series of knuckle sandwiches to improve his looks.

My stomach is in knots and my heart isn’t in it to write a long piece on how good the Canadiens looked on this night as they took out this pack of yellow thugs who have traded class for crass, and who were taught a big lesson. You lost. It wasn’t even close. And except for a lucky shot from another goof, the guy with the nose, it would have been a big goose egg.

Maybe we’ll meet you in the playoffs. Does it make you nervous? After all, isn’t that four wins and one loss for the Montreal Canadiens so far this year?

It was a great win, Lars Eller scored two, and now we wait.

58 thoughts on “We Wait To Hear About Max”

  1. Dennis, I doubt I can stay away. Still pretty angry. I have decided not to attend future NHL games in person and no more pay-per-view. But will still support the team. I am glad the Quebec police are looking into it though. At least they have the balls which Bettman doesn’t. I hope the league is seriously embarrassed. Has Chara even apologized? I just watched the replay for the first time this morning and the shove is pretty serious. I am sure the police will see it differently than Bettman’s seeing eye dogs. Max does sound better than I was expecting. I am glad he spoke out. What the fuck is JM doing? Or Gauthier? Someone from the organization needs to speak out and demand action. So many lame shitheads in the league. We need someone educated to speak. That classy-shit-approach ship has sailed. The Habs should launch a civil suit against the Bruins.

  2. Glad you’re back Mayo and taking a stand at the same time. And no, there’s been no apology from Chara. All he said was that it was too bad Max got hurt but Max kind of jumped up when hit and made it worse. Very lame choice of words. I feel strong changes will come from this specific incident, although it should have come when Crosby was hurt.

  3. Qualifacations for NHL Disapline dept., one day’s training at the CNIB! Hope you got the still photo of the hit I sent you, not intentional BULL-SHIT!!
    Thoughts are with you MAX.

  4. That letter from Geoff Molson says it all. I was disappointed with the team’s response up until now. This shows we are a class organization.

    Well done Mr. Molson.

  5. Danno, I was waiting for more from the team too. Jacques Martin isn’t up to it but now Molson is.

  6. Thanks, Yves. Nice to see backing from the owner. And every time I hear opinions from people like Mark Spector and others in ther media defending Chara it makes me want to throw up.

  7. Thanks Mike. What a photo. Chara now says that he feels deep down that he didn’t mean it. Now it’s deep down, like maybe he’s starting to think that he might be at fault here.

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