We Must Be Nice To The Rangers And Sean Avery

It’s very important, on this day after the stupendous, super-duper come-from-behind win over the Rangers, that we don’t gloat. We don’t want to be labelled as obnoxious Habs fans and gloaters. No way. Certainly we are proud today after the big win, but the job’s not finished. There’s Pittsburgh Thursday, and the playoffs not far off.

So I for one am gonna take the bull by the horns and be kind to the New York Rangers, and even back off about Sean Avery. Maybe the young man is simply misunderstood. He’s probably a kind, caring man, and that poll from other players about him being the most despised player in the league surely must have made him and his family feel bad. Sean may very well be just a great guy, and we need to acknowledge that.

Sean Avery Doing His Pre-Game gorilla2.jpgTouching His Toes Exercises

7 thoughts on “We Must Be Nice To The Rangers And Sean Avery”

  1. oh la la…quel phenomene….saw it too,that,s a team with heart,try teaching that to your coworker…..hehe

  2. DK,

    First, if Ur gonna do the `tongue-in-cheek’ schtick, great, I’m all for it – keeps things in perspective. But, hey, no half-measures, ok? So title should be: DK’s Most Excellent …’, hehehe – U do want to mirror the Habs, eh?

    Second, assuming that, yes, u are being facetious re the `don’t gloat’ comment, I suggest it would be better to come right out & celebrate the kid-like delight that comes with being able to gloat with unabashed glee &, as well, the flip, side, suffer the unendurable misery of being beaten by the Leafs. (Sigh, if only they were better so beating them would be so much more enjoyable … hehehehe.) After all, the vicarious pleasure we take in the performance of our sporting teams & players is an expression of our ability to embrace that state of vaguely imagined undiluted child-like experience – note, I say child-like not childish. In addition, this capacity is very much a window on who we truly are, to wit, irrational critters who must create complex systems in order to inhibit our natural instincts/impulses from becoming overly abusive, & professional sport is one area where we can indulge ourselves without unduly harming others – sure beats beating a drum or holding a crystal or going to a mindless political rally.

    Glad I stumbled on your website, I shall return to peruse your pithy pages with interest.

    I leave U with a good dumb Leaf joke I wrote (hehe, I’m thinking of doing a bunch of em): The Toronto Maple Leafs are misnamed, they should be called The Toronto Mutant Leafs. Why? Because they are the only leafs that bud in the fall & fall in the spring …. hehhehe.

    As U can see I do enjoy chuckling at my dumb jokes especially those at the expense of the mutant leafs,

    Der Habinator

  3. Just to set the record straight: Jim is not the penner of the forgoing comment, it is I, der Habinator!

  4. It looks like the gorilla is waiting to get the business a la porte retoure derriere! Yikes!

    This is supposed to be a family friendly blog.

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