We Know This Columbus Blue Jacket

Good old Wiz. A Hab for a year, and then away he went. Now he’s a Blue Jacket, and much richer than you and I.

Remember when he took a puck in the face in Edmonton? We thought he was gone for weeks or months. But just three days later, at the Heritage Classic in Calgary, there he was, facemask and all, plugging away on the Canadiens blueline.

It hadn’t begun well for Wiz as a Blue Jacket. He was suspended for the remainder of preseason, plus with eight regular season games, for a nasty hit to the head of Minnesota’s Cal Clutterbuck which cost this feisty defenceman $536,585 in lost salary. But Wiz can still buy groceries. He signed with Columbus for six years/33 million, and is pulling down a healthy $7 million this year.

I liked the guy when he was a Hab, but he’s not a $7 million dollar player. These are numbers reserved for the cream of the crop, like Scott Gom………..F^&%.

Here’s Wiz’s hit on Clutterbuck.


22 thoughts on “We Know This Columbus Blue Jacket”

  1. The difference being, of course, that the Wiz, as a defencemen on the worse team in the league, has 12 points.
    Gomez, a forward, has 4 points.
    Let that sink in.

  2. It’s amazing, Michel. Neither are worth these kinds of dollars, but Wiz for sure is worth much more than this bum wearing number 11. I’ve been letting Gomez numbers sink in for far too long.

  3. This will make everyone sick: The media interviewed Molson today and he said he has complete faith in Martin, Gauthier, AND Gomez. I think the guy has been sampling his product a little too much. Well, I guess we can look forward to another decade of mediocre hockey. Yippee.

    And does anyone else get the sick feeling that Boston’s going to win it again?

  4. Darth, that is indeed bad news. Maybe he’s just saying one thing and meaning another. And yes, I see Boston getting better and better and it’s definitely a sick feeling.

  5. In a recent discovery, astronomers have found the biggest black hole in the universe known to man.

    This gigantic black hole dwarfs the previous record holder which resides in Montreal and is named Scott Gomez.

    From the New York Times:

    Astronomers are reporting that they have taken the measure of the biggest, baddest black holes yet found in the universe, abyssal yawns 10 times the size of our solar system into which billions of Suns have vanished like a guilty thought.


  6. Danno, what a story. So that’s where my money and brain cells went. In a black hole. But Danno, c’mon. These black holes in the story are big, but certainly they can’t be bigger than the Gomezian One. Interesting story.

  7. Danno, when I went back to read that again, it asked to log on. But the story was there the first time.

  8. Now its asking me to log on too. I guess the NY Times gives you access a couple of times then forces you to register…

  9. Tootoo hit is ridiculous compare to Lucic one. He try to dive over, he is just too small. Shanahan not been serious for too long.

    7 millions$ for Wiz that can’t be one the ice against the better player is way over paid. A D that need to be protect from opposition CAN’T win that much money.

  10. Vanhouse, Shanahan is so inconsistent. Lucic’s was blatant, and he laughed about it after. And yes, 7 million for Wiz – he won the lottery.

  11. the bruins are my pick to win. definitely not my favorite team but they are a good team even tho there are no real superstars, well coached, tough, will do what it takes to win and most important, they have the nhl and the nhl disciplinarian on their side. in fact they R canada’s team if u listen to most of the assholes on hnic.

  12. It didn’t last long did it? Considering the way Shanahan started policing the game you get the feeling that someone,Jacobs?, must have raised his neanderthal head and straightened out his idealistic little Irish brain and now we have a Campbell like puppet in place. Oh well at least the Habs picked up a point on the Booins who lost tonight to a very good looking Jets team.

  13. I don’t think Tootoo intended to hit Miller but he made a reckless play going to the net at full speed without the puck. The problem is the inconsistency. It didn’t even have to be so difficult, Shanahan could have simply said that goalies out of their crease are fair game. Instead he invented some ridiculous BS story that Lucic bowling over Miller was a complete unavoidable accident.

  14. I thought the game tonight was bad, from a defensive standpoint. And probably from an offensive standpoint too. I am very disappointed because I really looked forward to this team for over two years. Diaz and Weber need more development and it wouldn’t hurt to send Subban down for a 5 game stint but that won’t happen. And what’s worse, Gomez will be back soon.I thought this was our year. Man, 30 games in and this is it?? We do have balls and studs on the team but they are few and far between: PRICE, EMELIN, GILL, GIONTA, GORGES, COLE, MAX. A lot of our guys are small and are playing small. Even some big guys are playing small. We are a small team and our results are looking small. Wouldn’t be surprised if we finished close to 8th or lower come April if this is our leadership base.

  15. Somerhing has to change Mayo. This team doesn’t look great by any stretch. Although sometimes they can, which is the frustrating part. Too many forwards not producing. And I agree with you, we’re not tough enough, and this is why I like what Emelin brings to the table.

  16. Yesterday I had this thought before the game.

    Columbus Blue Jackets. The last place team in the whole league. This should be an easy two points – which is why it won’t be.

    And sure enough, it wasn’t.

    This team continues to drive us crazy.

  17. I think they’ll continue to drive us crazy, Danno, until some big changes are made. I’m really beginning to have a hard time with Cammalleri too. Gomez isn’t the only one I’ve had it up to here with. I’m just so sick of a bunch of small, well-paid, supposedly skilled players doing nothing on a regular basis.

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