We Just Have To Relax, Wait, See What Happens, And Think Bad Thoughts About The Vancouver Canucks

It’s 4:33 PM on Canada Day, and aside from the Habs signing Andrei Kostitsyn to a three year deal worth 3.25  season, (but we already knew he was going to re-sign), nothing has happened to put Montreal over the top.


Stay tuned.


But aside from that, I’d like to say this to the Vancouver Canucks, who have made an offer to Mats Sundin for two years, 20 million: You are in my bad books. I was slowly begin to tolerate you, but now, you are so much in my bad books that you can’t get any further in there. I hope you sign him, you miss the playoffs, and then he retires.


My posting on all of this is being delayed until I find out who’s going to Montreal.



4 thoughts on “We Just Have To Relax, Wait, See What Happens, And Think Bad Thoughts About The Vancouver Canucks”

  1. DK,

    Now I know why Gainey didn’t sigh Streit: 5 & 4! I coulda seen 3 & 3 but not what he got. So far, given the crazy overpaying that’s going on, the best thing we’ve done is basically nothing … dramatic that is.

    Speaking of drama, la P, I refrained from posting this comment on your site because I’m such a sensitive and caring gentleman & didn’t want to embarass you in front of your equally punky pals even though you should be decked out in tomato skins: Wow! Darci Farci(cal) strikes again! He signs and, of course, overpays, a goose and a citrus fruit. How, well, fitting. The former will fit in quite naturally with the rest of those Buffalo turkeys (birds of a feather, eh?) that the other teams are gonna be chowing down on come Xmas (stuffed with Buffalo’s very own not-so-secret recipe, farci a la darci) and the latter will help the all that rum go down that you and your fellow punks/punkettes are gonna need to help you survive yet another season being shut out in the cold … and no, marachino cherries and little bamboo ‘brellas ain’t gonna help. When all that snow (perhaps even more in this era of warming) dumps on you, grab a plate of overdone goose, your bottle of cheap rum and a handful of la lime and dig in – it’s gonna be a looong winter so you might just as well have a final feast before you go into hibernation.

  2. la P,

    How can I, or anyone else for that matter, possibly diss somebody named Gaustad? GAU = `Grosster Ansunehmender Unfall’ which means `worst imaginable accident’. Pair this with `stad’ = city,region and you’ve got this dood dissing Buffalo by simply being what/who he is. Trust me, somebody with this monniker is from the wrong side of the tracks, probably somewhere near Oslo. Of course, that he should play for the Sabres is, hehe, no `Unfall’.

  3. la P,

    p.s. there is no excuse for you, la P, U simply are, a
    bizarre?? fact of nature, living proof that Darwin was right, that random mutation operates on all species especially, it would seem, on punkettes. But, that’s okay, I understand. I mean, whatever happened between the sperm and the egg, well, it’s not your fault.

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