We Had Our Own Heritage Classics

That’s me in my own Heritage Classic, a long time ago. It’s what these outdoor games are supposed to represent – the millions of us who skated outdoors, froze our feet, scored winning goals in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup, and came in when mom called because supper was getting cold or it was just getting too dark to see.

We all had our Heritage Classic, although maybe only the dog and sister were there to witness it instead of thousands, and twenty-five cents allowance was slightly different than eight million dollars. We lost pucks in snowbanks, practiced turning left and right, worked on raising the puck, and fell and got back up and fell again.

The feet and toes tingled and prickled, wet socks hung by the heater, snot dripped into the soup, and sticks and pucks waited in the porch for the next Heritage Classic, when once again we’d score the winning goal of the Stanley Cup final.

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  1. I’m sure that a lot of people share those memories with you Dennis. I wonder what the youth of today think about these games as many of them have likely never played on an outdoor rink. Coincidently the natural ice rink in my part of town has been shut down due to mild weather affecting the ice. There are still months of hockey games and practices that suddenly need to find a new place to play.
    On another note, if you don’t mind, I watched some of the game tonight between Boston and Ottawa. I was curious to see how the Booins were playing after their back to back losses to Detroit where I don’t believe there was a single fighting major. Sure enough the part of the game I watched had no Booins running Senators through the boards, crashing the goalie and then getting in his face, nothing, nadda. Now I’m not sure who the muscle is on Detroit but I do know both Carkner and Neil were suited up and neither one lets any “code” get in the way of a little hockey justice. It confirmed what I have believed for some time that the habs need a Neil type player on their team right now and also that Lucy is a coward.

  2. It’s true DJ, Boston surely takes advantage of Montreal’s size and lack of enforcers. We really need to be tougher. I heard today the concensus among hockey people is that Boston has gotten stronger with their deals but they’re still no match for Philly. So where does that leave us? I guess we’re just going to have to get it done other ways. I’d take Neil, I think. He’s sort of a character type of player. I also agree that Lucic chooses carefully who he tangles with.

  3. “The feet and toes tingled and prickled, wet socks hung by the heater, snot dripped into the soup, and sticks and pucks waited in the porch for the next Heritage Classic, when once again we’d score the winning goal of the Stanley Cup final.”

    Beautifully said Dennis.

    This reminds me of that video of those kids from Tweed who would play their hearts out in road hockey tournaments, trying to win their homemade Stanley Cup…

    Here it is again, “Our Stanley Cup”…

  4. DK, There appears to be a large amount of yellow snow in your photo & I did’nt even know you yet. But yes I to remember those earlier day’s fondly. One thing I don’t miss is the tears as your frost bitten toes began to thaw out, but what a glorious smell of home made Chili was when coming home after 6 to 8 hours of pond hockey!
    What I’ve noticed lately more kids are clearing the many natural ponds in my neck of the woods & it always puts a smile on my face. For quite some time you never saw this, it was Mom, Dad can you drive me to the indoor rink. Just maybe the kids of today are getting it, you hone your skills playing shinnie on a frozen out door piece of ice just like so many of our former great NHL’ers did!
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  5. Dennis, Wiznewski is on the ice for the practice in Calgary this morning wearing full facial protection (caged helmet).

  6. Mike, it’s just great that the kids are out on the ponds by your place. And from time to time I see a big road hockey game at a school on my way to work. It really is how to hone skills.

  7. Danno, those Tweed guys are cool and good for them for keeping it going like they did or still do. And I love the Price mask photos you sent.

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