We Can’t Lose. The Dalai Lama’s A Hab

Forget about tweaking the power play or staying out of the box. We need more than that.  And now, like a miracle, this was sent over. Just when I thought things were getting desperate, Danno saves the day.

I’m sure this has been seen before by many, but for those who may have missed it, we’ve got the Dalai Lama on our side.  Like the Rocket coming back from a severed achilles tendon, it’s now time to bring out the heavy artillery.

(Oh shit, I said “we” in the title. Jack Todd’s gonna be pissed.)

4 thoughts on “We Can’t Lose. The Dalai Lama’s A Hab”

  1. After last night’s game WE can use a some divine intervention. I’ve asked his holiness to pray hard and to make sure WE win the Stanley Cup this year. Heaven knows, we’re going to need all the help we can get.

    P.S. I’m so glad the Dalai Lama didn’t ask for a Leafs sweater. Must mean God is on our side.

  2. Dennis, it doesn’t get better than having the Dalai Lama as a fan. No doubt he read your blog and was inspired to cheer for the true hockey team.

    Anyone have dibs on the Pope? You want to cover all the bases.

  3. Yes, Diane. The Pope’s a Habs fan. So’s the Queen. And Obama. And Stephen Harper, although who cares what team he likes. But none of them matter. Only you being a fan is all that matters.

  4. Dennis,

    As soon as you take over the team… I have an idea for you.

    Offer the Dalai Lama an assistant coaching job. He would certainly calm the troops in those last few minutes when we’ve imploded a few times this year.


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