Wayne and Vicky In The Pre-Janet Days

In the early years of Wayne Gretzky’s career in Edmonton, he was a single guy who happened to have a relationship with lounge singer Vicky Moss. It lasted for a couple of years and later on, as we all know, Wayne met Janet Jones, married and lived happily ever after. But for a while, we thought we would be seeing Vicky Gretzky instead. (As a sidenote,Vicky’s brother Joey, who was born with Down Syndrome, was the Oilers dressing room guy, still is, who would do odd jobs for the players. He was loved by the players and became part of the Oilers’ inner circle, which is quite heartwarming.) 

This Is Wayne and Vicky in 1981 on The Tommy Banks Show. When you watch Wayne from this time, you see he was still very much a kid when he didn’t have his skates on.  http://archives.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/clips/6214/

The Tommy Banks Show was a Canadian TV talk show which ran from 1968 to 1974, and from 1980 to 83. Tommy Banks was many things, an actor, pianist, conductor, arranger, composer, producer, and politician. I’ve no idea if he could skate though.

4 thoughts on “Wayne and Vicky In The Pre-Janet Days”

  1. Dennis,

    Im hearing big rumors that Bill Guerrin is on his way to Montreal, wondering what your thoughts are on this. He could be a good fit for your team ( he wouldnt be a bad fit in vancouver either) , he brings alot of experience and leadership and some needed grit, not to mention he can still bang in the odd goal or two. Sorry for the lack of blogging lately to, my computer was getting some much needed repair.

  2. Nice tidbit of info, Dennis. I have a friend who was is autistic and about six or seven years ago he got to be with the Habs for a few days of practices, and it was incredible how they treated him like he was one of the guys. He capped it off with behind the bench seats at a game (before they installed a glass behind the Habs bench.) It was incredible to see them joking with him between shifts and heckling opposing players together. It is something he still talks about on a daily basis. About Guerin, it’s a good thing Theodore isn’t around anymore, because I don’t think Guerin will ever forgive him for that save Theo made on him in game six of of the 2002 playoffs (still one of the greates moments in recent Habs history.)

  3. Jordy. I wouldn’t mind Guerin but he’s a little old and maybe just a rental. I’m thinking a good defenceman would be nice considering the Habs get outshot about 100 to 15 every game.

  4. I agree with Dennis that we need a defenseman more than a forward. There’s already too many forwards and both Tanguay and Latendresse are set to come back within the next 2 weeks…
    On the other hand Guerin is a big guy, not afraid of the ruff stuff, so he’d probably be a great fit in Montreal, even as a rental.
    I guess we’ll see what’s in the plans for Gainey.

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