Way Too Much White Lately

The scientific tracking system hasn’t seen a lot of yellow lately, as you can see. The month of April shows just five wins (although there was that lovely 2-1 edging of the Bruins), and in this month, the team has allowed 34 goals in their seven losing games, which averages out to just under five goals per game.

There’s two games left to bring out the yellow marker again, and if they win both, it would give them a .500 month ( 7 wins, 7 losses) and make the scientific chart somewhat nice again.

Of course, they’d have to win both, which seems like too much to ask at this point.


9 thoughts on “Way Too Much White Lately”

  1. The only silver lining right now is the poor play of the Bruins. Hopefully our guys close out strong and tie them for the 2nd seed, which we’d take in the tie-breaker.

    The striped figurer skaters finally cost us, two aweful touching Marty calls and blindeness to an offsides on Elias’ goal. It must have warmed Ryder’s heart, as it bad his OT offsides goal.

    [My wife’s trying put a positive spin on this. I didn’t expect a great season, the improvement is dramatic over last year, and the playoffs are truly lagniappe. We have a way to go for serious challenge (two years from now) and the areas of need are apparent. We have GM who will address this, rather than trade promise for has-beens. The future is bright…]

  2. It just hurts a lot because they were going so well for so long, Mike. But you’re right – the improvement is dramatic and the future is bright. And who knows how the post-season will go. Maybe a miracle can happen.

  3. Look up the regular season schedule for the 1992-93 Habs and you will discover the Habs lost most of their games at the end and lost badly with Patrick Roy in nets. Red Light Racicot won a couple at the end but besides that it looked really terrible. But then the playoffs came and you know the rest of the story.

    Could Carey Price and the 2013 Habs be a repeat to the 1993 Habs story?

    Stay tuned…

  4. We definitely were pleasantly surprised despite what we saw last season. We got our hopes up and got all giddy. I still can’t understand how we can go from one extreme to the other so quickly!? It’s mind-boggling. It’s a short season, maybe this is our typical January slump? If so, their timeliness is impeccable.

  5. To quote a Dickens* A Christmas Carol* – – – Bah Humbug, I say Humbug, good day gentile men!!!!! If thats what improvement looks like we’re Toast!

  6. Dennis, when I first saw the title, I was wondering what you meant since we haven’t seen anything of Ryan White since he got suspended.

    Danno, I like how you’re thinking. Although in ’93 I had a young heart and could handle 10 overtimes, I don’t know about now.

  7. Dennis your heart’s in better shape than mine. Must be all those long walks you’ve been doing. Me, I can’t walk past a Timmy’s without a doughnut and then I think might as well drive it.

  8. Christopher, I lost 25 pounds, but I’ve gained back two pounds because I hurt my back and couldn’t walk for awhile. I was so surprised it was only two pounds. But now I gotta get rid of that and I plan on it. You talk about doughnuts and I can relate. You should see me around chocolate. I’m an animal.

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