Now why did they go and do that?

The CBC headline blares “NHLPA Throws Cold Water on Latest CBA Proposal From League.” Now how is anybody going to read it? The ink will have ran, it’s probably just wet and mushy now, completey unreadable, and back to the table they go to make up a new, dry one.

Why would anyone throw water on such an important document? Hopefully they’re hanging it out with clothes pins right now.

That’s just terrible. How was it who poured the water? Who told him to do it? It’s one thing to pour water on someone’s head after a game, or pour water on the ice, or into a glass with rye in it, but on an important proposal?

Damn, these players are dumb. Next time, Buttman, laminate it first so it’s waterproof. And you can be sure I’m not letting these players anywhere near my scrapbook and other paper items.

Wait. Are the players only saying water was poured on it so a brand new one, with changes, is forced to be made? Maybe there was no water nearby. Maybe it never even got wet. Is this some sort of conspiracy? Are they trying to fool us?

Hmm. These players are smart.

And this from Commissioner Buttman –

‘The fact of the matter is if the players have been getting 57 per cent, we were getting 43 per cent — and we were paying all the expenses of ruining the game, ruining the league and ruining our clubs.’

Oh, wait a minute. He didn’t say “ruining,” he said “running.” Sorry. I’ve been walking so much lately my glasses are falling down my nose.

I can’t wait for the season to begin in just another four months or so. It’s coming quickly. Gomez and boys are raring to go. They’re just so tired of unloading trucks and selling encyclopedias and all the other things they do in the off-season to make ends meet.

Just can’t wait for January or February when the puck drops.

Go Habs.

7 thoughts on “Watermarks”

  1. What worries me is where did the cold water come from? COLD! Whatever happened to the days of lukewarm water being thrown?

    Ah maybe we should all give up hockey and watch bowling instead or take up knitting. Yep, that will work.

    Buttman wants his Winter Classic. The players may make him pay and therefore he may not get it. So it could be another year gone. Well, at least that burns another year off Gomez’s contract. That’s one positive.

  2. Christopher, I think he’s short because he continues to empty out his intestines through his mouth.

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