Watching The Game

4:25 pm Pacific – Only a few silent swear words about the game not being on in English where I live. Then I remembered I don’t have to listen to people like Glenn Healy and Mike Milbury, and now I’m happy. Maybe even do a couple of handstands if I could. Plus, I like RDS’s Pierre Houde, who seems like a good guy. Reminds me of a French Ricardo Montalban.

4:29 pm – Explained to my wife that if the Habs win, Carey Price we’ll be one of the youngest goalies ever to hit the 100 wins mark. She smiled and her eyes glazed over. I think she has the hots for Carey.

4:35 pm – The Flames are in town and it should be interesting. Not to see the Flames, of course. They’re just another team in a long list of teams trying to beat my team. No, it’s about how the Habs will play against them. Will the special teams look good? Will anyone get injured? Will Scott Gomez score? Will RDS cameras show any cleavage in the stands?

4:37 pm – Big introduction as it’s opening night in Montreal. Perry Pearn was the only coach who smiled, and Jacques Martin got fair applause. And there’s the flag kids skating around. I was rejected for this job too.

4:40 pm – Players introduced. It warms my heart, as it does every year. Lucy thinks Raphael Diaz is handsome. PK, Max, and Carey get the loudest cheers from the Bell faithful, and I have a warm glow right now as I see the team. And there’s Mr. Beliveau at his seat, looking good.

4:51 pm – I find the overhead cameras at the Bell too high. But maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m high.

4:53 pm – 1-0 Habs!!! Max on a two on one looked to miss the net on purpose, and Andrei Kostitsyn buried it. Yea!!! We need another.

4:57 pm – Flames hooking penalty. C’mon power play.

4:59 pm – Big shots from the point from PK and Weber. Then a penalty to Darche . %$#&^

5:02 pm – Flames score on the power play. &*%*$. I need beer.

5:09 – Another Habs penalty. Gionta for high sticking. Either the Canadiens have to get a little more disciplined, or the ref’s a commie bastard.

5:13  – Puck ricoched off a couple of players, picked up by the enemy, and it’s now 2-1 Cowtowners. Grrr.

5:18 – 3-1. I have no words. And shortly after, they almost scored again. What’s going on? (Insert several nasty swear words here).

5:22 – I’m expecting Scott Gomez to score any month now.

5:25 – Calgary almost scored again. It could be 5-1 now.  We need this period over with.

5:27 – Siren goes to end the first. Penalties, one by Darche and two by Gionta, gave the Flames life and sucked some life out of the gang. Lars Eller is back in the lineup for what it’s worth. And from what I see from my TV, there are too many Habs’names not being called by Pierre Houde. I’m waiting for Plekanec and Gomez to arrive. I saw them introduced and then they went away. Maybe they ate some bad shrimp and have been in the toilet for the last 45 minutes.

Intermission babble. Brent Sutter, coach of the Flames, is, of course, one of six brothers who played in the NHL. A seventh brother won a million bucks in a lottery.

Period Two: The “Don’t Take Too Many Penalties” period.

5:59 – Sorry for the delay. I had to re-boot my computer. I’d actually like to take the boots to it.  Habs on the power play and almost let the Flames walk in twice during. Kiprusoff just hasn’t had to work hard enough in my book and I’m really beginning to get pissed off about things.

6:04 – This game reminds me of the outdoor one in Calgary last year when the Habs made the Flames look like a true powerhouse, even though the Calgarians wouldn’t make the playoffs later on. And Rene Bourque, who helped kill the Habs in that game, has scored tonight.

6:07 – 4-1 Calgary. Montreal let them have their way and I need some drugs.

6:11 – Price almost shot it in his own net after playing with it for a second. Life sucks. Fire the coach. Blame Subban.

6:15 – Good pressure by the Habs and a penalty to Calgary. One goal and it all changes.

6:17 – Action around the net. Kill the bastards.

6:18 – Period over. Close but no cigar just yet. Okay, it wasn’t that close, but a few chances were had, which is better than normal.

Intermisson babble: If you wrap bacon around a pork roast while it’s in the oven, it’s really good but you’ll burn your hand.

The Final Frame:

6:37 – Of course. Hal Gill wraps his arms around somebody and hauls him down, thus deserving two minutes in the sin bin. I have no patience for this sort of thing.

6:41- Nice play by Eller with a little toe drag, but the reality is, most NHL goalies will stop a shot from far out like that with no problem whatsoever.

6:51 – PK hauled down in what is an obvious penalty. Oh. It’s not called. How come?

6:53 – Flames get a penalty and also a two-on-one break. Didn’t score though, if it’s any consolation.

6:57 – Fans starting to leave. Geez, they’re going to miss the big miracle comeback.

7:10 –  Game deodorant. That’s what we used to say when we were kids when a game was over. Game deodorant. I don’t know why. It’s kind of stupid. But somehow it seems fitting here.

Three Stars –

Calgary Flames, Flag kids, Jean Beliveau






24 thoughts on “Watching The Game”

  1. Oh Dennis,

    “Will RDS cameras show any cleavage in the stands?”

    Hard drive sorted then is it? (juvenile snigger)

    I can’t stay up for the game but I know I’m going to wake in the middle of the night and have to check the score.

    Enjoy the game D.

  2. I am enjoying your colourful play-by-play Dennis.

    The guys have got to regroup and play 40 minutes of disciplined hockey because the refs are calling everything the Habs do. Hopefully they calm down and come back from the two-goal deficit tie it up and go ahead and get the two points but things have fallen apart very quickly.

    I think Martin should have called a time out after Calgary’s third goal.

    Time for another beer.

  3. Do you think the Bell Centre crowd will give the Habs a standing ovation if the game ends 5-1, like the Jets fans did?

  4. Somehow, Danno, I think there might be a few boos. How are they going to beat the good teams if they can’t beat the mediocre teams? They just haven’t looked overly strong so far. Hoping for a big third period.

  5. Blue Bayou, it’s the end of the second and not enjoying yet. But I’m practising the power of positive thinking. An early goal in the third is what we need.

  6. Yes it is, Hobo. They’ll beat nobody playing like that. I think Byers Bulldozers would give them a run for their money.

  7. What a terrible game this was. A real stinker. I felt bad for all those who shelled out a small fortune to sit down low for this one. We seem to have the same problem we’ve had the last two years: we show up for the big games or against the big teams (usually) and play half-assed against teams we should be able to easily beat. Calgary was so bad in their first two games they had a closed-door meeting. We should have nailed them! Instead we play for 5 minutes and then disappear the rest of the night.

    The have kids playing hockey during the intermission and maybe we should have put them on the ice!

    I know the season is new but man was this bad. Nice little write-up Dennis…you should do this for every game!

  8. Darth, I need your feedback about this because I’m not sure me doing a game thing like this is good or bad. But I decided to try it. And sometimes I work evenings and watch it later and would it be okay to a live blog later on?
    Thanks, I appreciate it. And you’re right, the game sucked.

  9. Maybe only do special games? I really wouldn’t mind you doing all of them. The only thing I would suggest is if you catch a game later rather than live, do not come here until you’ve watched the game and wrote it up. That way you’ll keep yourself fresh.

    I think these could be awesome. As for cleavage, get yourself a seat high up during a Spring/Early Fall game and you’ll get some memorable moments. Heck that would have been better to do than watch this game tonight.

  10. I like your play-by-play Dennis and maybe you should keep it going for a while to see how it goes. Too bad your first attempt came on a game where the Habs decided not to show up. Like Darth says, five minutes isn’t enough.

    With the exception of a few moments in the second period, looked like the team was playing with zero effort. For the most part they looked like a bunch of pissed-off office workers going through the motions and looking for any excuse not to do their jobs.

    The third period was especially upsetting and is a real cause for concern because, with few exceptions, nobody seemed to play with any intensity for the last 20 minutes of play. It was as if everyone had given up and nobody cared about at least winning the period even though the game was pretty well out of reach.

    Is there problems in the locker room?

    Maybe Jacques Martin has pushed the wrong button on a few too many guys.

    Is there a mutiny afoot?

    I hope this ends up being just one of those games and the REAL Habs come out to play on Saturday and keep the pedal to the metal for the rest of the season.

    It will be interesting to see if Martin bag skates the team and how they respond to that.

    Stay tuned.

  11. Danno, I’ve been wondering about that as well (players giving up on JM), especially after Martin said last night that it wasn’t the inexperienced guys to blame. That kind of makes one believe that may be true.

    You know things are bad when our fans start leaving early like that. I don’t remember ever seeing that for a very long time.

  12. Gill was terrible last night, Subban was correct, and where was Gorges?
    Our 3 new Ds made mistakes but made some ok things too.

    I miss Spacek badly…Oh and maybe Woywitka.

    I never liked how JM work with his group and last night was not different.
    But I think we are just entering a new up and down season. Some games not far from the baddest it can be and others that even Moen and Darche look like scorers.

    I really like Eller game, he is quick, always on the puck.
    He really is a centre. Get DD a wing BÂTARD!

    Oh and I love your resume of the game, fun to read, good replacement of a game recap or after game blog. that said, not sure if it has to be done each game.

    Never saw you but I’m sure could look good in a flag kid suit…

  13. Sounds like a better game than the one I attended here in Ottawa. Colorado crushed us and that’s being polite.
    With the Avalanche playing there 4th game in 6 days I hope you guys have a little better luck on Saturday night. Couldn’t be any worse.

  14. Habs should get the win against Colorado…Most experts have Colorado

    picking in the lottery with my Leafs next

    summer (Please don’t trade it Burky)

    Not sure with Duchene,Stastny and Hjuk why they are picked so low…

  15. Dennis, all I know is that if J-Mart can’t turn this team around in a hurry he can expect a lump of Cole in his stocking by Christmas.

  16. Your mention of Pearn as the only coach who smiled has reminded me how much Kirk Muller will be missed. He’s a great “talking” coach, he could bring the players up or down depending on the situation and he had the respect of his players. Am I the only one who get’s that bummed out feeling when I realise he’s gone? Wonder if the players feel the same way?

  17. Vanhouse, Gill really pissed me off last night. Penalties had already killed us and then he pulls a bad one himself. I have high hopes just like you about Eller, and more and more I’m believing that Martin has to go. Thank you for enjoying my game write-up. It’s something I’m going to try and fine tune. Ane you bet! I’d look great as a flag kid!

  18. Danno, absolutely. If J-Mart doens’t have this team going by Christmas, he’ll be in early retirement. Maybe we can get Larry Robinson! Kirk Muller?

  19. Ryan, they were the most sombre bunch I’ve ever seen. It looked like they were at a funeral. I’ll bet the players miss Muller, and I’ll bet none of them are crazy about Martin. And although I know it’s not a popularity contest (Punch Imlach, Scotty Bowman), the fact is, this is an offensive team with so many fast forwards, and to play in a shell just seems wrong. We’ll see how long this goes on before change comes.

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