Watching Good Old Hockey Games. It’s Food For The Soul

 I just watched game three on the NHL Network of the 1962 Stanley Cup finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Toronto Maple Leafs ( the Hawks won 3-0 but the Leafs eventually won the series in six games).

I love watching the old stuff. In this game, a young Bobby Hull, wearing number 7 (he first wore number sixteen, then went to nine), skated like the wind and blasted away with that cannon he had. Goalies Glenn Hall and Johnny Bower weren’t wearing masks. Frank Mahovlich skated in big swooping strides. Reg Fleming and Tim Horton got in a scuffle, then went and sat side by side in the penalty box, which players did in those days, even after major scraps. And big, heavy bodychecks were the order of the day.

The game was at a jam-packed Chicago Stadium, and when Stan Mikita scored, fans tossed balloons and the odd fedora on the ice. Toronto announcer Bill Hewitt (Foster’s son) did the play-by-play, and in 1962, he was still a little rough around the edges. He got smoother in later years. And he worked alone, without a sidekick.

 Watching games like this is a joy for me. It reminds me of when I was a schoolboy, collecting hockey cards and hockey coins, and dreaming of someday playing in the NHL just like these guys.

 I wish they’d show more of these old games. And this is what should’ve been on during those long breaks between games in this year’s playoffs.

 Really old games are a beautiful thing. We need more of them.

4 thoughts on “Watching Good Old Hockey Games. It’s Food For The Soul”

  1. DK,

    Yeah, we get old games here on Sunday nights … late and they are fun to watch. Sure was different back then.

  2. I love watching those old games. Even when in color, it just looks so old haha!!! The hair and the clothes people wore. The uniforms and equipment have changed so much.

  3. DK,

    So, it looks as if I can post from this site but not the library or home ..???

    james smith,

    Quite enjoyed your rant(s), they were fun to read albeit somewhat less than informative and certainly not scathing. Vitriolic, yes. If you wanna do scathing you’ve got to hit the nail on the head, as it were. You missed and whacked your thumb. And, sigh, as is so typical of all you hockey barbarians meandering around out there beyond the pale of hockey civilization, i.e. Habland, you are too out-of-touch to know it. So, given your basic bumpkinness, I’ll model my first reply on DK. It will be kind, compassionate even, patient, tolerant, and better yet, short and to the point … which you have obviously missed. Yes, james smith all you say is true but, so what? You are failing to see that the fundamental goal, the main meaning of NHL hockey is about one thing and one thing only – winning Stanley Cups. All your stats mean absolutely zip compared to this single one: Vancouver = 0. No need to cite ours.

    This second reply is mine. Hehe, I have zero tolerance for hockey barbarians especially those who blather and pontificate about meaningless trivia.
    LOL. Do you have any idea what NHL hockey is about? Let me spell it out for you: S T A N L E Y C U P S. Duh. Do you have any idea what shapes and defines ANY organization? Okay, once again, let me spell it out for you: T R A D I T I O N. Can you read? Are the letters big enough? Are you starting to catch even a glimmer of what an amazingly bad joke you are? Ahh, stats … LOL. Only one number matters you pathetic puckhead and, duh, let me give it to you: Vancouver = 0. Duh. LOL. Oh yeah, what a great tradition in Vancouver – white towels and world class ugly sweaters and, well, that’s it. Hey, stupid, wake up! LOL. You obviously have a fetish for #s (pucks too? big sticks? Trevor duh Linden?) so I’ll let you enumerate the number of cups won by Montreal teams – yes, big mouth, the Maroons, the Victorias, the Shammrocks, the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association are all integral parts of the Montreal hockey TRADITION. LOL. Are you still there, doofus? Okay, now, add up all the cups won by the West and compare …. LOL, and we’re not even counting the rest of the east. Oh, wait, there’s more! Yes, all the west has and continues to copy the Habs and, not only that, they have actively sought to do so by hiring ex-montreal hockey people to show them how to play the game. LOL. Why, the Canuckleheads coach is who? what? LOL. Oh yeah, count up my LOLs and next time maybe you can have more. I know that like all kiddies you think that simply saying something somehow makes it true. LOL. Hey, that’s okay, we can afford to be generous to wannabe teams and their barbarian fans.

    p.s. I’m sure at a school near you there are remedial classes fro reading and comprehension. LOL.

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