Wasting A Week Wondering About What Would Work

Such a wasted week this has been. It had been announced to us that the Habs had received exclusive permission to negotiate with Mats Sundin, and the scenarios danced through our heads. Sundin, along with Alex Tanguay, were going to catapult Montreal to the top of the heap, the leading contender for next year’s Stanley Cup. It reminded me of Frank Mahovlich coming to Montreal from Detroit in 1971, who fit like a glove in Montreal, winning a Cup his first year there, and again two years later.


Sundin was going to be like Mahovlich. It was going to be great. So we waited.


Then we waited some more. Then some more. Sundin has remained quiet, even though Montreal GM Bob Gainey has given it the old college try. And I mean, as long as he doesn’t sign anywhere else, I suppose there’s always that chance.


But we were still excited. After all, if Sundin didn’t agree with Montreal, then Brian Rolston would, or Brian Campbell, or Marian Hossa. Or somebody. ANYBODY?


It looks bad now. Others teams are now in the picture, including the dastardly Vancouver Canucks, who blew it wide open with a two-year, 20 million offer to Sundin.


Hossa remains quiet still, but I think he’s overpriced and overrated, although if the Habs do sign him, I’ll probably renege on this statement.


Hossa could still sign with Montreal, but he’s no Sundin. Sundin’s the prized catch.


So the week went by and we watched the news and read the papers, wondering when the big announcement, the big signing, would come in Montreal.


But nothing’s come. It was a week wasted. We got Alex Tanguay and lost Michael Ryder and Mark Streit. Montreal hasn’t really come out of this smelling like roses, like we thought.


But I think Montreal has some spending money.


Hey, it’s not over till it’s over.

8 thoughts on “Wasting A Week Wondering About What Would Work”

  1. Apparently, Montreal is no longer looking at Sundin. That’s what Sundin’ agent said yesterday on TSN.

    Plus, rumour has Hossa being presented at an Oilers press conference this afternoon when they present the new owners.

    So, then, how about Jage?

  2. Jagr would work, I think. But I’m a little depressed about Sundin. And Rick the Trucker emailed me and asked “tell me again why there was a lockout? Vancouver offers $10 million a year?”

  3. DK,

    So Streit & Ryder are gone. It would have been a good thing to have signed the former, but he is way overpaid now and, as for Ryder, well, as the team improved he became less effective on the offense – I think he should seriously consider recreating himself as a go-to shut-down guy. Sundin? Hmm, to be honest I’m beginning to think that the dood, unlike so many athletes (well, ok, people), actually `thinks’ about things and I am therfore still optimistic that he will come to the clear & certain understanding that he join the Habs with whom his best shot at a cup lies. And, if he does not, why, this will consitute proof positive that he is a certified dummy & we therefore are better off without him. As for Hossa …… me, I say no. And, seriously, do we really need/want Jagr? I think we’ve got young bloods in the system that can do just as well if not better than him. So with whom are we left? Hehe, Bert dear Bert big bouncing belligerent (he needs to work on this aspect of his game a bit more)baddass Bert. We NEED his big bod, his big elbows, his big butt, his extra-thick head but, sigh, I suspect as Dk noted, `it’s’ never gonna go away and so `it’s’ never gonna come back. Nevertheless, there does seem to be a better chance of a Bert revival than a Sundin arrival.

  4. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but let’s just grab Bert and be done with it. I had a real disliking of him when he was in Vancouver. The reports that he was miserable to the media (even before the Moore thing, and really not the greatest teammate in the dressing room. And where I live, it was Bertuzzi this and Bertuzzi that. Even the Powell River Peak publisher named her dog Bertuzzi.
    But I know now that Montreal really needs a big force up front, and I’m willing to let bygones be bygones if he joins the team. I can’t believe I’m starting to think like this. I really did have a big dislike for the guy.

  5. DK,

    Just learned – Hossa signed with the Wings … & the rich get richer. Smart move because Wings are a team in which he will fit in very nicely – team toughness will cocoon him, there are great players for him to complement, there is speed and finesse to complement him, and lotsa free pizza.

  6. In a way I’m surprised we let Streit get away,he was a real threat on the PP,as for Ryder I know I was down on him this past season.On reflection he had 2 very good years & maybe last season was a minor blip in his career!I hope not now that he’s gone & he bounces back to his former strong performances we may just regret letting him slip away !!
    Cheers from The Big Smoke !!!

  7. Ryder’s getting four million a year for three years from Boston. After what he became in Montreal, he’s about a 1.5 million a year in my book.
    But I guess we’ll see what a change can do for a career. Because in the end, Ryder was playing like an AHL’er in the NHL and it couldn’t get any worse.
    I wouldn’t pay 4 million a year.

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