Was It Worth It?

This is what can happen when you decide to behave like a moron one fine evening. And no, I’m not talking about Ryan Malone.

During the ridiculous riots in Vancouver last spring after the Canucks had lost to the Bruins, a 17 year old named Nathan Kotylak from nearby Maple Ridge, while proudly wearing his Canucks jersey, was photographed trying to light a rag stuffed into a cop car gas tank.

He also threw a burning piece of paper into the front seat of the cruiser, and fanned the flames of a fire in a garbage bin.

Was he just another low-life, like the kind we cross paths with throughout our lives? The ones who light up smokes in theatres, belch in restaurants, and send off serious body odour. Was he one of these, who are everywhere and who probably made up a lot of the crowd? 


Young Nathan was an rising star in the water polo world, and poised to represent Canada in a future Olympics.

And now what’s happened to him? He’s been forced to give up his athletic scholarship at the University of Calgary. He’s no longer eligible to try out for the 2012 Olympic team. And his mother, a big shot in B.C. water-polo administration, has resigned from her posts. Probably from embarrassment.

Looks good on the kid. He’s the new poster boy for wishing he wouldn’t have done something stupid. And imagine if the police car would’ve exploded with all those people around?

Is poor young Nathan, who is now 18, the only one to feel heat after these imbecilic adventures of youth gone wild? Coming soon, in November the cops say, a whole boatload of morons will be officially charged. And I’m hoping more will lose scholarships, jobs, dreams, and even Olympic hopes like this guy.

It was a shameful time, stupid beyond description, and a word of warning for Montreal punks just biting at the bit for their turn. Smile, you’re on candid camera!

4 thoughts on “Was It Worth It?”

  1. A lot of people who would be considered good have done a lot of bad things in their time. Least that’s been my experience. I don’t know why it happens, but it seems sometimes people just seem to lose their common sense in certain circumstances and they do the most unbelievable things. You wonder what got into them, what made them lose their mind like that?

    I bet this kid is probably not a bad guy deep down but that night he became a total a-hole to the nth degree. Where was his mind that night?

    I can understand being a Canucks fan and being pissed off about losing, but to go out and destroy property of YOUR OWN city is stupid beyond belief. And knowing in today’s world we have digital cameras, cel phones that can take video and pictures, CCTV everywhere, is even more incredibly stupid.

    The guy tossed away his future for nothing. He made his city look bad, his team, his country and his family. All that for what? What if the car exploded and someone got killed or horrible burned? He’d have that on his concious for the rest of his life.

    As it is he will hear about this for the rest of his life. Time may make it easier but can you imagine him trying to get a job? If he came into my company and I knew who he was there is no way in hell I’d ever hire him.

    People need to stop and think sometimes before acting. If they did, a lot less crap would happen.

    If we do win the Cup Dennis I just know it’s going to happen here. I hate that.

  2. Darth, I might not be so bad in Montreal if they brought in way more cops, which was part of the Vancouver problem. If they also see how the Vancouver punks are goiung to get nailed to the wall (hopefully) it may deter them too. More cameras also. They just need to beef things up way more than in the past.
    That kid in the story has apologize and I think you’re right, it was just a moment of insanity for him. But if you’re going to do, you have to pay the price if you’re caught.

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