Was It Really That Long Ago?

Turns out I’m older than I thought. Nobody knew who these players were so here’s the answers. And because I have the answers, I win the prize – an all-expense paid trip to Powell River to listen to the sea lions bark at night. Am I really that old?

0063  0072

Phil Esposito, Real Clouthier, Brad Park, Lanny McDonald, Billy Smith, Andre Dupont, Tiger Williams, John Van Boxmeer, Vaclav Nedomansky, Pierre Bouchard, Dan Maloney, Gary Doak

3 thoughts on “Was It Really That Long Ago?”

  1. I got 2. Esposito and Macdonald were obvious…the rest i was lost. Thought Billy Smith might’ve been Wendel Clark. All well before my time.

  2. That’s all right, you guys. I was at a Keg in Calgary in the early 1990’s and there was a bunch of guys sitting near us dressed in suits, and I said to the waitress that they looked like a hockey team. She said they were from the Philadelphia Flyers. I didn’t recognize one player.

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