Was Hoping For Better

An interesting piece in Canadiens.com with predictions for certain players and the team this year. They say Montreal will squeak into the playoffs just ahead of Toronto, Max and P.K. will have between 59-68 points, Gallagher and Galchenyuk between 50 and 55 points, and Price will record up to five shutouts.

I don’t know how they can predict such things but I’ll just carry on anyway.

Last year, in the 48-game schedule, Max had 39 points, P.K. 38, Gallagher 28, Galchenyuk 27, and Price had three shutouts.

I think that works out to about the same. With a slip in the standings.

Hate that.

Not that the writers might be wrong. They might be right. The Canadiens might only be good enough to squeak into the playoffs. I was hoping for better, that’s all. Imagine hearing all the experts predict that the Habs are too good. No one can touch them.

I’ve heard that in the past and I want to hear it again.

So with all the optimism I can muster, I’m going to say the Canadiens come in 2nd in the new Atlantic Division. Max scores 48 goals, P.K. once again becomes a Norris Trophy candidate, Price is unbelievable, Daniel Briere scores 35, Pleks gets 30, George Parros notches 12 and flattens 12 noses. Jarred Tinordi throws his weight around. Rene Bourque becomes an elite power forward.

They play great. We rarely get mad at them.

Only 33 days. Habs and Leafs.



7 thoughts on “Was Hoping For Better”

  1. Sorry, Dennis, but I DO think that the Habs will take a step back this season, and possibly a big one. Let’s not forget how they struggled down the stretch last season, and then was absolutely steamrolled by an Ottawa team that was not a reincarnation of the 1976-77 Habs.

    This is not to say, incidentally, that I don’t think that the team is on the right track (though I STILL don’t like the DD contract or the signing of Briere). However, building a team is a process, and the Canadiens still have a lot of work to do. While I think that Price will bounce back (I’ve always been a staunch defender of his, and will not back off from that now, though I admit that my patience is starting to run thin), teams showed late in last season that they had “figured the Canadiens out”. As well, the addition of the Red Wings to the division will only make the team’s job harder.

  2. I’m trying to stay positive Ian. Every year I look at them through rose-coloured glasses which gradually dim as the season goes on. I’m hoping the kids, who have half a season under their belt, are even more effective. And I hope Price has the season of his life. We’re a bit bigger and tougher now, and that should be considered a positive. Maybe PK will be even better. Hoping like crazy and trying to believe is the only way I can be.

  3. Ian, it looks fine to me. And its a great comment.
    I had my post up for about half an hour before I realized I made two big typos. Even when I proof read my stuff the typos still get in, like they’re playing tricks on me.

  4. And I’m an inherent pessimist, I admit. 20 years of the team (largely) falling flat on its face has brought about that attitude.

  5. I don’t understand the Briere signing; 2 years for $4M each. If he was worth anything near that much you’d think Philadelphia could have found a trading partner. He had 2 years left at an average of only $2.5M. Instead they bought him out, got nothing in return and still have to pay him almost $1M for each of the next 4 years. Yeah he had a high cap hit, but there are many budget conscious teams where the salary cap isn’t an issue.

  6. I wish I could talk about this better than I can, Christopher. You make great points and when I read them I don’t understand how it would have gone down either. Maybe Briere had to go for different reasons. All I know is, he showed absolutely no interest in coming here a few years back and now he’s saying it’s a dream come true. He turned the Habs down the last time even though his dad was a lifetime Habs fan and wanted him to come, and I heard that Jean Beliveau had even given him a call. But he still didn’t come. So why now is this a dream come true? I just hope he plays well and helps the team in a big way. That’s all that matters.

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