Wanting To Switch Off Georges Laraque

Georges Laraque, whom more and more I wish would just go away, talks about performance-inhancing drug use in the NHL – Georges Laraque. I’m tired of Georges. I hate his commercials, his wrestling with pros, his dressing up as a bride like Dennis Rodman, and I especially hated it when he did almost nothing during his two-year stint with the Habs.

All he did was smile a lot.

Now he’s become sort of a rat, without naming names.

Thanks to Danno for sending the link.

2 thoughts on “Wanting To Switch Off Georges Laraque”

  1. He was also on a local Habs podcast lately. He said he wasn’t too surprised with Darche being very chummy with Martin. He also said that Guy Carbonneau was a bit of a dick. They had to find out if they were playing by going to the RDS website because he wouldn’t tell him.

    Some of what he says I can somewhat agree with but overall the guy rubs me the wrong way as well. Kovalev had that effect on me. There’s a touch of “full of shit” about him.

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