Wanna Take You Higher


As you probably know, PK is selling his condo on Montreal’s Sherbrooke St. for 1.4 million bucks, with the new buyer also needing $23,000 a year for condo fees.

Nice place. Nice street. PK’s TV is too high.

If PK wasn’t popular with his teammates, it’s probably because of the TV.

“Hey guys, wanna come over and watch the Super Bowl at my place?”

“Uh, no thanks PK.”

“Hey guys, wanna come over to my place and play video games?”

“Uh, no thanks PK.”

So it went. More and more, PK felt slighted and gradually grew apart from his teammates who always wanted to watch TV elsewhere.

And no, PK, when your coaches told you to keep your head up, they didn’t mean while watching TV.

3 thoughts on “Wanna Take You Higher”

  1. HNIC should get Don Cherry to do a series styled after Robin Leach’s “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”..
    featuring the cribs of the rich hockey elite of the NHL…(no shortage there)…and as an added touch Grapes can wear a jacket to match the living room upholstery…. it’d be a hoot!

  2. DK, your post must be the most accurate take on PK’s departure! God I’d need a neck brace to watch his Nashville yokels flame out.


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