Walk The Walk

Three times last night, in two different newspapers and once on The Tonight Show, I saw reports that lack of exercise shortens lives and people are dropping dead all over the place because of this.

I’ve taken this as a sign. I feel it was somehow directed at me. Maybe it was my guardian angel.

I’ve noticed my clothes getting tighter later, and if I was in a race, my stomach might come in first with the rest of me finishing last. I need to lose 12 pounds, and today it begins. I’m serious about this. So in a few minutes I’m going to walk 5.6 kilometers to a gas station outside of town, and then walk back again. 11.2 kms. in total. I feel this is quite a bit.

Now that I’ve told you, I’m committed. Damn.

I’ll be back later with a Habs post. And I’ll tell you how long it took to walk 11.2 kms.

If you don’t hear back, the walk killed me.


6 thoughts on “Walk The Walk”

  1. Good luck with the walks Dennis. My problem with walking is that I come upon a Tim’s and all the good is undone by a doughnut and ice capp. Or I get hot and find a DQ sundae or a pub with ice cold beer. So it’s healthier for me to just sit on the couch and surf the net. DK.com is very healthy for the mind.

  2. habsdoc, what a combo. You’ll have to talk the talk. I don’t have any energy left and my feet are sore.

  3. Thanks, Danno. I’m going to give it a bigger shot than usual. I really want to lose 12 pounds. My gut is getting bigger.

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