6 thoughts on “Waiting For The Doctor’s Report”

  1. It’s enough to make you wonder why teams don’t go after Markov more often as he so obviously drives this train. To lose Schneider as well could be really bad news. With that in mind I’ve been wondering lately about our depth at defense. The only guy that ever gets called up from Hamilton is O’Byrne and they seem really reluctant to play him. Other than Weber being too green yet that doesn’t say much for the guys on the Bulldogs. Subban is still in Jr and will likely be with the Bulldogs next year. But what about McDonough and Fisher? We’ve been hearing about them for some time now yet they haven’t even made it to Hamilton. Any idea of where they are in their development?

  2. I really don’t know a lot about the boys in Hamilton. There’s a gal in Montreal who calls herself no. 31 and comments here often, who is really informed about the Bulldogs. Maybe if she reads this she can fill us in a little.
    As far as O’Byrne goes, I’m always nervous when he plays and could never understand why he would get ice time when Dandenault would be a healthy scratch. But we’ll see about Markov and Schneider. Hopefully all’s well there.

  3. Depending on what happens with Florida tonight, maybe Markov and Schneider shouldn’t play tomorrow against the Sens anyway. No sense rushing them back if we’ve almost clinched a spot. Let them sit for a game or two to get perfectly healthy. No nagging injuries before the playoffs would be a better thing to rush them back against a team that’s not in the playoffs.

  4. I agree with that, Tom. If Florida loses, let them rest a bit. It’s a good idea. Have you ever thought about applying for an assistant GM position in Montreal? I think you should.

  5. First thing I would do, is hire a certain B.C. guy to be the stickboy for the team, thereby fulfulling that lad’s long-life dream.

  6. You’re just going to get my hopes up and then it’ll all come crashing down again.

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