8 thoughts on “Waiting For The Big Story To Break”

  1. There is no big story, just more over hyping non-stories from the retarded Montreal mainstream media… It looks like the media actually LOVES to see this team struggle and tank, and they’re doing EVERYTHING they can to make it continue.

  2. And it was suppose to be a a story that would shake the very foundation of the team…thought it would be on the lines of BG would trade Sergei and Kovalev and then BG and Guy Carbo would resign as GM and Head Coach of the team. While Pierre McGuire goes behind the bench of the Blue Blanc et Rouge….

    Dream on…

  3. Pierre McGuire coach the habs? i dont even cheer for the habs and i can tell you right now that has disaster written all over it. But Mike Millbury is available if anybodys interested.

  4. I’m also surprised that not one talked about last night’s game. Everything’s about hype, non-stories, and teeth.
    Well there is a story. And it’s about the Kostitsyn’s and possibly Roman Hamrlik being friends with mob drug traffickers.
    You guys didn’t even wait for the day to unfold first.

  5. Dennis- When I called a non-story, this is exactly what I meant. The ‘big’ story was canoe.ca (TVA) announcing that 4 Habs players had been arrested for criminal dealings. Jacques Demers and Co. on l’Antichambre last night were nearly breaking down in tears, saying that the very team was in danger!

    The reality is that the Brothers K. have talked on the phone with a guy that was arrested. There are no criminal charges against anyone in the Canadiens organization and most importantly, there NEVER was in this whole thing.
    If that’s not a dubious story, over-hyped and blown out of proportions by the Montreal media, I don’t know what would fit the bill.

    These guys are young millionaires for pity’s sake! Of course they’re gonna try to get some real russian vodka, nice cars and hookers! I’ll agree that they should better choose their ‘contacts’ and maybe display a better sense of morals, but to call them criminal for that???

    If that happens in ANY other city in the world (maybe not Toronto, but even then I doubt), you never hear a single word of it. Because it’s Montreal and because the team is doing poorly, it’s all over the press and it’s made to be the end of the world.

    Everyone one should check out 25stanley.com at some point. It’s a trashy, tabloid site about the Habs. The content itself is pretty much garbage, but it’s hard evidence that the Habs young kids have been partying with the same regularity for years! This guy who edits the site has plenty of young people who just hang around in the big Montreal clubs and party with the players (pictures as proof). It’s been like that forever, and will always be like that. The fact that NOW it’s become an issue, is only because of the sensationalistic Montreal media needs trash like that to sell their toilet paper.

  6. I agree with what James said completely.

    I find it amusing in a very dark way that this guy who was arrested has gone from being someone in organized crime, to someone with links to organized crime, to a drug trafficker. Of course you can be all three, but if you watch the headlines, they keep changing.

    I get that even having your name linked to people like this guy who was arrested isn’t cool. But the thing is, so far, there isn’t any proof that the players did anything illegal. It’s a serious issue right now, yes, but the way the media is talking, you’d think that half the players are all connected to some organized crime groups and have all committed serious illegal acts.
    If the Habs were riding a ten game winning streak, I honestly believe that the stupid media would not have turned this into a huge thing. Again, I’m saying that this isn’t serious. It is. But there have been zero arrests of any of the players and there have been zero allegations by the police so far that they were involved in any criminal activities, so let’s just leave it at that.

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