16 thoughts on “Waiting For Ruling”

  1. Chris, Montreal needs a kick-start too, just like Washington and Carolina did. They say Boudreau lost the guys, and it’s very possible Martin has too. We can only be mediocre for so long before it’s time to replace the coach. It’s very close..

  2. Rumor time: supposedly something is going to happen with the Habs. No details yet but there you go. I wouldn’t put too much excitement into this bit of news though. Maybe they’re just changing the brand of mustard they use for the hot dogs.

    You know some people are comparing this hit to Chara’s. I can’t get over that. That’s nuts.

    He should get a warning since it follows the same general principal as other hits like this (Malone for example). I get a feeling he will be suspended though.

  3. Maybe we’re trading for Iginla? Wouldn’t that be a bit of big news…everyone would pass out from shock.

  4. Darth, I’d take Iginla in a heartbeat. This is a leader, a power forward, has great hands, and can really fight. Wow.

  5. Dennis, I found out why this is taking so long.

    Shanny is working on the special effects for his video.

    In it he will prove how a broken nose is far more serious than a broken neck

  6. Can we make a deal with Shanny?

    Leave Pacioretty alone but go ahead and suspend Jacques Martin as much as you like.

  7. There was this cryptic Tweet from Mitch Melnick:

    “Nothing to say until 3 PM other than best of luck to a man who loves the Habs but is moving to California.”

    It is after 3 but no news yet. Some people think that was just a typo (that Mitch meant Carolina and it was a comment about Muller).

    I hate to speculate here because this may turn out to be total bs but who knows. If he “loves the Habs” then it could be Cammy, Gorges (GOD NO), Gionta..and Markhov? Better not be Pacioretty or PK or Price.

  8. Darth, about the Melnick tweet. This could turn out to be a very interesting day. I actually hope there’s some movement. We’re going nowhere as it stands.

  9. I’d make that trade if it were possible. I still hate to see Cammy go (if this is true). He really didn’t get much of a chance under Dracula.

    This may all be nothing, who knows.

    Another rumor has Pacioretty getting 4 games. All speculation so take it with a grain of salt.

  10. Darth, I sure don’t agree with that four game speculation. I say Max should be rewarded for recovering from the Chara hit, and the league should be grateful that they don’t have a player on their conscience who was paralysed from a broken neck.

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