Waiting For Koivu, Kovalev, And Others To Wear The Sweater

As Habs fans wait with baited breath to see who the team chooses for 18th pick of the first round in this 2009 entry draft, we also hear that Bob Gainey and company have decided to attempt to sign unrestricted free agents Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev, Alex Tanguay, Mathieu Schneider, and Mike Komisarek, who’s been a question mark all along. At least for me. All the information is at Habs Inside/Out , where the Gazette boys who cover the team are on top of things as they unfold by the day and hour.

I’m happy if all five are re-signed, although I expect a few different things if these guys are going to get a raise. I expect Koivu to produce more. In the last couple of years, there’s been too many slumps for the captain. He’s been a non-factor in too many important games.

All we ask from Kovalev is that he doesn’t dog it. When he picks it up a notch, he produces. And sometimes he can be the most sparkling player in the league.  But he’s not always this way, that’s for sure. He was Montreal’s best player in the dismal and nightmarish playoffs.. If only he could play like that all year.

Alex Tanguay would have really helped the Canadiens last season if he could’ve stayed healthy. He missed a quarter of last season. And he was hot often when he played. So we need him healthy, that’s for sure.

We saw how Mathieu Scheider can come in and be a big factor, particularly on the power play. Yes, he’s about a hundred years old. But he can really shoot and be a game-changer. Unfortunately, he often misses the net. Maybe he needs glasses.

Mike Komisarek. Mike Komisarek. I’ve blasted him on this blog. I feel he doesn’t deserve a raise after the way he played last year. But this is a guy, if he decides to make better decisions with the puck, who can be an extremely important piece of the puzzle for Montreal. He’s a big, tough, quality guy. Last year, the Habs defence was, well,…………..forget it. I don’t want to talk about it. But if Komisarek could quit having those acid flashbacks when he’s on the ice, I’d welcome him back with open arms. For now, with Komisarek, the jury’s still out for me. I’ll wait and see how he plays. It’s those giveaways in his own end I have a problem with.

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