9 thoughts on “Waiting By The Phone For Game 4”

  1. Is it safe to leave that ***hole Gaston so close to a phone? He may think its funny to make prank calls to Russia and have pizza delivered to the Hermitage Museum.

    And giant Gaston, just freaks me out.

  2. I like Marjos math, works for me. I’ll set the scenario, it’s 0-0 at the 19:59 mark of the third period & a Subban rocket enters the net with .5 seconds to go. HAB fans are thrilled & the Sen fans have a dagger driven through their collective hearts !! 🙂 🙂

  3. Mike M. I was in Ottawa a few years ago listening to Sens fans laugh about Max getting nailed by Chara and how Max was up and about a day later looking just fine. They were all over it. Now they’ve got their Stone microfracture thing and I’m sure they’ve clammed up completely about this. Microfracture. What a joke. And Max’s problem was much more than a “microfracture”.

  4. Mike M, Perfect! I wonder how Danny would call the goal, lets see “and Subban unleashes a rocket and a cannonading deflection of Stones wrist beats the Ottawa goalie and with that Montreal moves on to the next round!” 🙂

  5. Mike W. has been doing an excellent Danny Gallivan impersonation for years. Sounds just like him.

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