Waiting And Pondering

As you can see below on my scientific tracking chart, the Habs have won just 6 of their last 23 games, which is a fantastic achievement of course. So I just can’t wait for the Tampa game Wednesday night, when we go for an even better 6 wins in 24 games!


I ponder this in Stanley Park. Should I play? Can I use a wooden stick? Is there a jock strap big enough?


6 thoughts on “Waiting And Pondering”

  1. This makes me smile a bit… with the Panthers in the playoffs, only one team has missed the playoffs every year post-lockout: Go Leafs Go, you chumps…

  2. Leaf fans practise. They’ve practised for years and years. We want the Canadiens to win the Stanley Cup, they’re happy to subject the rest of us to a Leaf game on national TV every Saturday night.

  3. Darth, you made me split a gut. And then I showed it to my wife and she laughed like crazy too. Really well done. Now, where’s my $19.95?

  4. Dennis – it’s in the mail. 🙂

    Glad you and the missus got a kick out of it. I was inspired so I went for it.

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