Wade Belak Gone

Another player leaves us.

Wade Belak, found dead in his apartment, becomes the third NHLer in four months, following Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien, to go to that big rink in the sky. It’s always shocking, and it leaves a lousy feeling in my gut.

I didn’t know a whole lot about Belak, but two things come to mind. That he was a hardrock player who knew how to handle himself, and he was a personable, intelligent, and colourful fellow when he was a guest on TSN’s Off The Record.

May he rest in peace.

The Sporting News story can be seen here

Geez, what a day. It began with Jean Beliveau’s joyful birthday, and ends with Marc Savard probably retiring due to concussions, and Wade Belak passing away.

13 thoughts on “Wade Belak Gone”

  1. Hey Dennis,Sad to see,I’m sorry for the family and his friends.I am not to sure what is going on these days,hope this isnt a trend,may your hangover only be just that .

  2. Maybe it’s because I just watched the Crosby video on concussions but what the hell is happening to our game? 3 guys dead, a skilled player’s career finnished and possibly one of the best players ever unable to return to the game and if he does what condition will he be in? I did not push my son to play hockey because the possibility of injury scared me too much. Today much as I love the game I’m just as glad he chose not to play.

  3. DJ, it’s really disturbing. Those three who died were way too young. About 50 years too young. And the concussions…..We need Sidney Crosby in the game, he’s great and a true ambassador, and it would be horrific if he never comes back full throttle because of these head shots. Too many players getting hurt, but the bottom line is, the punishment has to be harsher to those who give, and they have to nailed where it hurts the most…in the wallet. 25 games without pay would stop all this.

  4. Hey Dennis,Well we didnt do to badly,got nicely tanned and pleasantly pissed on a few occasions,but we really enjoyed ourselves.Nice pic of me by the way,I just saw it yesterday and made a comment there,Lynda and I enjoyed that nite as well,no hangovers though,up and at it by 7am.We may be down that way again in March as we may be building there in the spring,will look you and Lucy up once more.

  5. I can’t say this enough but if all of this doesn’t give the NHL a clue as to what they should be doing then they truly are a league of dummies.

    The players are bigger and stronger, the equipment is like battle armor, and players aren’t too worried about dirty hits to the head. What’s a few games suspension to these players?

    One thing I’d love to see is the offending player and his team be made financially responsible for the care and medical services needed for the injured player. The team would have to cover the injured player’s salary for the duration that he is gone and it goes against their salary cap. The Pens would be paying the Bruins for some time.

  6. Darth, I think your solution about the other team having to cough up the expenses is an excellent idea. We have to see Sidney back and we have to see these hits cut down drastically. Hit em where it hurts. Money.

  7. Hey Dennis,I will call for sure,Darth,stop the stuff ,stuff ,Dennis doesnt partake in that stuff.I usually dont drink draft beer ,it’s been awhile.Golfed 18 today ,Gold River is awesome this time of year,9,maybe 18 tommorow.

  8. Derry, it’s okay about the stuff thing. It originates from a commentI made a while back and neglected to add some key words. It’s pretty funny and it’s cool that it crops up as a joke now and again.

  9. Derry, I have to give my future boss a hard time….until the first paycheck comes. Then it will be “Yes Mr. Kane” from then on. 🙂

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