Visiting What’s Left Of The Forum

I finally saw what they did to our beautiful Forum. They reduced it to a cinema complex with a scattering of fast food places and Forum seats.

I spoke to a janitor there and he told me he recently saw Yvan Cournoyer sitting in one of the fast food places, pounding his cell phone on the table, trying to get it to work.

The guy sitting beside me isn’t real, if you’re wondering. He’s fake. Lacking soul. Kind of like the rest of the place.

Forum 8

Forum 1

Forum 2

Forum corridor

Forum hall

Forum 4


Forum 5




8 thoughts on “Visiting What’s Left Of The Forum”

  1. Depressing isn’t it Dennis? The Hockey Hall Of Fame should be there.

    Looking sexy in those shorts! 😉

  2. Darth, my chicken legs are a nice off-shade of white. But I’m forced to do this. It’s humid in Montreal.

  3. Schwartz, it’s just not right. No wonder the team has been mediocre since they moved. The gods have put the hammer down.

  4. Great pics Dennis! I’ve never visited the Forum since 1996. It has to be a soul sucking experience.

  5. I agree, it is no coincidence that the team has been plagued by bad luck, bad management, bad EVERYTHING, since abandoning The Forum for the antiseptic Bell Centre.

  6. Danno, at least they didn’t level it, which would have been worse I guess. I agree with Darth – the Hockey Hall of Fame should be there. Or least a sheet of ice for university or junior hockey. But it certainly is prime real estate so I guess that sort of thing isn’t feasible. I have no idea.

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