Vintage Me, Non-Vintage Lyla

Along with the usual health reasons for wanting to lose weight (17 pounds so far) was the fact that I wanted to fit into my jacket again.

This old Habs team jacket from the 1950s was owned by a Northern Ontario scout named Joe Delguidice, and now belongs to me. Team photos from back then show the trainers wearing them, Toe Blake would have his on during practices, and players like the Rocket and Beliveau would sometimes be photographed wearing theirs.

I had one of my kid sweaters from the late-’50s-early’60s for Lyla to wear, but it was too itchy for her. (I remember the feeling). So she’s wearing a non-itchy number from a few decades later.

Below, Toe and the trainers wearing the same type of jacket.



5 thoughts on “Vintage Me, Non-Vintage Lyla”

  1. Dennis…looking good!…surprised the Montreal Moths did not invade your jacket…i’m very envious!
    Gotta like those old team photos..taken by photographer David Bier….i have the complete set that Molson printed as give aways…i remember as a kid back in the day in Montreal..if you were lucky to come by a Molson delivery truck…you can ask for some photos..and you would usually be given a stack…i also remember our corner grocery store having a Molson display with a David Bier Canadiens live action photo…3×2 day i was fortunate to be there when they were replacing the display and they gave it to me. .only to sell a few weeks later for $5.00 which i put towards 45 rpm records…those were the days!

  2. Who’s that sharp-dressed man with that beautiful young lady?

    Lyla is a pro. She holds the bottle the same way I do.
    Except in my case, it’s a bottle of rum and not baby formula πŸ™‚

    PS – It’s a scientific fact. Moths have respect for the Habs and would rather starve to death than eat a Montreal Canadiens sweater. However they will gladly devour Toronto Maple Leafs sweaters while The Rocket smiles and gives a thumbs up from the heavens above..

  3. Ed, I had no idea that Molson’s trucks carried around those great old pics. Learn something new every day. And that David Bier display, wow! Add a few more zeros to the 5 bucks now. I sure would’ve loved to have lived in Montreal back then. For that I’m very envious. Thanks for the neat comment.

  4. Danno, I’m a guy on a mission! A mission to lose another 5 or 8 pounds. But no way could I run a marathon! Love your comment, love the PS/moth part.

  5. Thanks Dennis!

    My favourite scene from the classic NFB film of Roch Carrier’s The Hockey Sweater is where the little boy who is crestfallen after getting the Toronto hockey sweater is seen praying in the church while the moths and The Rocket come to the rescue.

    Speaking of moths, scientists have named a new one they just discovered in President (?) πŸ™ Donald Trump’s honour.

    Blonde-Haired Moth With Small Genitals Named After Donald Trump

    And here I thought Trump was a BIG p–ick

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