Vegas 2011-12 NHL/Habs Numbers

A breakdown of how the Las Vegas, NHL oddsmakers see this season, sent over from Beatnik. 

Thanks, Beatnik.

It’s here, at Las Vegas Sports Betting, and it gives its 2012 World Championship numbers, plus the odds of the Montreal Canadiens winning the east, and 25-1 for the Habs to win it all.

We’ll show em. Inside tip. Bet on the Habs and win big!

Just click the above link to see what Vegas thinks.

6 thoughts on “Vegas 2011-12 NHL/Habs Numbers”

  1. Wow, no one has faith in us. We’re either delusional or we will show them big time come next spring. I’m almost tempted to bet 25 bucks for the hell of it.

  2. Marjo and Darth, if we can get 1000 people to chip in a bunch of money and bet on the Habs, maybe we’ll strike it rich!

  3. I actually should bet for the hell of it. 25 bucks to represent 25 Cups…and if I do lose, it won’t be the end of the world. I just may give this a shot.

  4. Since Vegas has the Habs as having 25-1 odds does that mean you get 25 times whatever money you bet if you win?

    And on a $25 bet would it work like this?

    $25 x $25 = $625

    So if enough Habs fans bet and they go all the way, Vegas might go broke!

  5. That’s is how it works, Danno. Vegas likes to compare what ten bucks would bring. So a ten dollar bet at 25 to1 brings $250 if you bet on them winning the Cup. I think it’s a great idea for Habs fans and I’m thinking about putting a few bucks down.

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