Vanek To Canadiens

Thomas Vanek has been traded from the Islanders to Montreal for a second-rounder and Swedish prospect Sebastian Collberg.

Vanek, 30, is a right winger with 271 goals and 270 assists (541 pts) in 645 games which isn’t chicken feed. This is a bonafide NHL star with great hands who will help our team.

The one knock seems to be that Vanek doesn’t always play with passion. Hopefully when he’s in the great Montreal Canadiens environment and wearing the CH, the passion will come flowing out.

I’m very excited about this.

Along with Vanek, Montreal’s right wingers  include Gallagher, Gionta, Bourque, Weise, and Parros.

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  1. A second round pick and former second round pick Sebastian Colberg go to the Islanders in return. I only like this deal if they re-sign Vanek.

  2. Ian, yes, he needs to stay. But I’ll take it even if it’s for a short time (which I hope it isn’t) because we need an infusion of star power, goal scoring, new buzz etc. I truly am excited and was stunned when the news broke. However, on TV just now, James Duthie asked him if he would consider re-signing in the summer and I quote, “uh, I’m not sure yet”

  3. This could be a very, very good move by Marc Bergevin.

    I hope the big CH on his chest and the roar of the crowd at the Bell Centre inspire Thomas Vanek to play with great passion.

  4. Everything I’m given to understand is that Vanek is bound for Minnesota this coming offseason, so unless Montreal wins the Cup, which while I would love it, I still don’t think that it will happen, the Canadiens will have traded a second-round pick and a talented youngster in Collberg for nothing.

  5. Ian, this what Sean Gordon said in the Globe and Mail – “while yielding only a conditional second-round pick and Swedish wing prospect Sebastian Collberg is all the more remarkable.
    “Collberg, a second-rounder from 2012, is a highly-skilled player, but he has suffered from concussions and hasn’t been producing much offensively in the Swedish Elite League this season.”

  6. Marjo, Vanek is a UFA after this season, I believe, so Minnesota wouldn’t have to give Montreal anything if they sign him. Collberg may be erratic this season, but his upside is huge.

  7. We wanted an upgrade, we wanted more offence, more star power, and something different. Regardless of what happens this summer, I’m going to enjoy the moment, cheer him on, and hope he helps the team in the stretch.

  8. I’m with Ian, seems expensive for a rental. I would only consider this a win if we resign him this summer or we make it to the finals. If we win two rounds, I’d say we broke even.

  9. It’s not expensive if the outlook for Collberg isn’t great. I’ll take a dose of star power, even if it’s for a short time. And maybe MB knows what he’s doing.

  10. The possible line of Vanek, Plekanec and Galchenyuk is going to be explosive and fun to watch. Vanek on the power play adds a whole new dimension. The other teams are going to have to take the Habs much more seriously now because senseless penalties are going to cost them.

  11. I’m gonna trust MB on this one too. Besides, let’s enjoy the moment of having Vanek, however long it lasts , like DK says.

  12. Watched Danno’s clip—looks like Vanek can dipsy-doodle!! Give him the puck P.K.. We’re getting some players without giving up too much. Emelen gonna lay some Ka-Booms soon to stir up some eye-openers.

  13. Minnesota is far from a foregone conclusion. The Wild habitually moan about the cap, and this a significant cap hit. Vanek knows what being a Canadien can be from the Sabre days.

    We added scoring, a player who can hang around for more than two years, and has some size. It’s a great move.

    And St. Louis is out the division. Add these two items, and it’s been a great day!

  14. On RDS, Vanek said he always loved playing in Montreal. He says the atmosphere ia “electric” at the Bell Centre and the Habs have a glorious history which you can’t ignore. Vanek talked to Marc Bergevin on the phone who welcomed him to the Habs. Vanek says he told Bergevin he was happy to play for Montreal. He also says he’s looking forward to playing again with Daniel Brière who he played with earlier in his career in Buffalo. He didn’t go so far as to say if he would re-sign in the summertime but did say he was really looking forward to playing with the Habs starting tomorrow night when the Habs face the Coyotes.

  15. Mike, you’re correct that Minnesota isn’t a lock. The Wild are reportedly losing money and it’s unknown how much they’re willing to continue spending over their supposed break even point (NHL owners are greedy bastards and notorious for under-reporting and hiding NHL related revenues).

    But unlike home town Montrealers (e.g. Briere who gets extra to do nothing), Vanek will probably give them a home town discount. His salary will probably end up replacing the overpaid/washed-up UFA Heatley.

  16. I like the move, even if temporary. Look at all the round two draft picks we’ve floundered and wasted. I would waste a pick (and glad its not a number 1 pick) to have Vanek for 4 rounds of the playoffs. He is a big missing piece of the puzzle. And having the old guy Weaver newly acquired may make big #6 Douglas Murray obsolete. I like Douglas’s physicality but he has payed his due and should sit in favor of Weaver. Vanek should move our PP up at least ten percent once he plays. Will be interesting.

  17. Anyone know who we’re losing from the roster to make room for Vanek and Weaver? Adding them puts us at 27 players with Bournival, Price and Prust on IR meaning someone else has to be injured or sent down to Hamilton.

  18. Just curious, since I don’t get CBC, what did the 3 stooges, Stock, Healy, and and/or MacLean/Cherry have to offer about this trade? I can hear Healy praising his Make Believes for standing pat…

  19. Good point made tonight by american commentators about players playing harder to stay in lineup. This is good energy. Now, I finally can’t wait til the next game. We’ve been one of the top three best teams in the league of late. Hope we’re not peaking too soon.

  20. Momesso made that point, too last night. Parros will sit tonight, but what about Bourque and Eller?

    I thought Eller was outstanding, possibly his biggest contributions in a long time! Bourque skated with urgency, something that had been lacking most of the time.

    The entire game had the look of a team realizing there is suddenly a chance for a seriously deep run in the playoffs! 7/10 over a stretch that looked like 1 of ten early last week!

  21. A good character win in Anaheim, Mike. I’m just so happy how our backup goalies have responded. It could’ve gone south very quickly but Budaj and now Tokarski have done the job. Just great.

  22. Good win, Mayo. Now it’s very important to see the same type of energy in Phoenix. This was a great two points. Very proud of them on this morning after.

  23. I haven’t heard a thing about those three wild and crazy guys and what their thoughts are, Mike. I’m sure Stock will say it’s okay but nearly enough. Healy will say Vanek is overrated. And Cherry will mention that he’s a European. I’m curious to hear, which will probably be on Sat.

  24. I’d like to know too, Christopher. I would imagine Parros will find himself the odd man out, but I’m just guessing.

  25. I agree Mayo. I like it too, even if it doesn’t last. We need some star power, some injected excitement. Otherwise, it’s just another ordinary year. I hare ordinary years and I’m embracing this.

  26. I think he’s a great addition, Danno. We needed something, and it’s Vanek, which could be a whole lot worse. Hopefully he embraces his new life.

  27. He’s got the moves, there’s no doubt, Peter. And he’s not small, which is an extra bonus!

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