Vancouver Itinerary

Here’s how it’s all going to go down.

Confirm final arrangements for various bikers and professional hitmen to house sit my house while I’m in Vancouver for the Habs game. (And yes, the house will be fully occupied).

Pack up my computer and 1950’s team jacket that I’ll wear at the game if it’s not raining, and Luci and I will hop on the first ferry (where I work), and sail across the bright, blue sea. For 50 minutes.

After that there will be more driving, more ferry-hopping (at Langdale), and eventually, it’ll be Vancouver, home of Stanley Park, named for Lord Stanley of Preston, otherwise known as the guy who donated the Stanley Cup). But we won’t stop at this park. There’s no beer there.

It’ll be a hotel near Rogers Centre, park the car, and go to the Shark Club, where, when the Habs are in town, there are as many people wearing Habs jerseys as anywhere in the world. I’m always in awe when I see this. Before the game it’s packed, and after the game you’re lucky to get in.

Full of Habs fans. Can you imagine how people who hate the Habs must hate even the thought of this? Imagine a couple of unaware Bruins fans strolling into this sea of bleu, blanc, et rouge?

I’m going to pay special attention to a couple of things. I need to see how fast the equipment guy gets a new stick to a player on the fly. It’s information I can use when I present my big application to become stick boy. I also need to figure out how to fix the power play and improve Tomas Plekanec’s breakaway goals percentage.

I really don’t even have tickets yet. It’s arranged, but I have to wrap this up down there. It would be a drag if the tickets fell through. But it won’t. And even if it did, we could still watch it at the Shark Club.

6 thoughts on “Vancouver Itinerary”

  1. Dennis, you could have the ” BOYS ” look after your home while your away but it just might not be the same when you return! Cupboard doors left open frozen TV dinners thawing in the stove Etc – Etc !! It would be our gift to you, a pleasant reminder of your Orillia days. Just give us the go for it!!

  2. Mike, I realized TV dinners have too many calories. And I left a cupboard door open recently and banged my head on it.

  3. DK are you sure a .308, a .243, two .22’s, a 20g shot gun and a cross bow is enough coverage? I can get a .270 and a .300 if you want more.

  4. Sounds like an awesome trip just to get there (I’m a sucker for ferries and boats…even though I haven’t been on many). I hope the tickets work out though.

    I’ll be watching you. Just remember – Gomez will be gone at the end of this season so do not try to jump on the ice to get him. Toss a Canucks fan instead.

    I hope Emelin is in a hitting mood because you’ll get a kick out of that. Cole isn’t at 100% so I’m not sure if you’ll see his speed or not. I hope one of our guys gets a hat-trick for ya.

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