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I’m going to be in Ottawa all day Saturday (for the second time in a week), and because I have a desktop full of pictures, I thought maybe I could just put them up and be done with it because I’m a lazy bastard.

Maybe some of you have seen many or all of these, and maybe some of you have seen a few or none at all. Or maybe some of you have seen some on a few days or none on any day! Or maybe…….never mind.

Regardless, like I said, I’m a lazy bastard.

All I know is, I’m at a surprise birthday party in Ottawa for an old friend and wanted to have a post up while I’m partying in the background with a lampshade on my head.

So here goes, pictures for you, beginning with a young Bob Dylan that I asked my stepson to put a Habs jersey on.






Boom Boom Lennon



Frank and I





John Lennon and Yoko Ono Receiving Gift

rocket leaf








2 thoughts on “Using My Desktop Stuff”

  1. Denis…

    I’m 57, so we’re from the same “era”…

    This one is for you, although I think “My Back Page” from the Dylan 30th Year Concert is the great R’N’R song ever

    My favorite teams were the Habs & the Aeros (Houston is why I am a Montreal fan). My politics are totally out sync with Louisiana, and probably western Canada. I graduated from LSU (so you should cheer for them). When I retire in 10 years (thank you, Reagan), the closest I can go is Minnesota (they’re communist according to the locals). I am envious of Canadians, aside fro Harper, your country is everything I want! Summers when you can go outside! Buck ass cold winters! And my beloved bleu, blanc rouge!

    You glorious mf! Screw the leafs!

  2. Thanks Mike. Love early Dylan. Love the video. I think he should hang ’em up though. He’s on “The Never Ending Tour”, apparently his guitar and piano are often out of tune, and his voice is shot. But his music from the 60’s moves and inspires me.
    I’ve wondered what you were doing in the deep south. Just for you, I’m going to try to keep track on how LSU does. Why don’t you move to Upstate New York, which would be close and convenient? And you’re from my era and I didn’t know that. I’ve got you by a few years but we saw the same things and that’s cool.

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