USA Wins Gold In A Great Game With Great Teams

Such a great gold medal game between Canada and the US, and although Canada lost, the Canadian team is a team all Canadians can and should be proud of. They were great, this collection of teenagers, and it’s a tough act to follow when your predecessors won gold in five straight years.

The young Canadians came within a whisker of winning after Canadian whiz kid Jordon Eberle scored two late goals to tie it, but the Americans are the gold medalists now with an overtime goal, and indeed, the gang south of the border deserve it.

When you see young men play hockey at this level, you know hockey is alive and well and the talent pool is well-stocked and in great hands for the next generation. And when you see young men play like this, you get passion, skill, excitement, and breathtaking close calls. You get your money’s worth, especially when it’s the Canadians and Americans going at it.

They’re amazing hockey players and the World Junior Championship tournament is something else.

Three cheers for both teams.

2 thoughts on “USA Wins Gold In A Great Game With Great Teams”

  1. Hey Brian, maybe as soon as they start making the big bucks things change, but those young guys are really what hockey is and they show just how exciting this sport can actually be. After the junior game I put on the Habs-Wash and what a difference.

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