Updates You Already Know – Halpern And Jagr

Jeff Halpern has signed for $825,000 with Washington, thus ending his one-year stay in Montreal where he was a valued contributor, especially on faceoffs.

I seem to recall when Halpern was booted out of the faceoff circle in game seven against Boston, Tomas Plekanec came in and lost the draw, and Nathan Horton put an end to the Habs season. Although I’m trying to forget it.

Thanks for your good work, Jeff. Good luck in Washington.

Plus….Jaromir Jagr signs with Philadelphia and I’m relieved it wasn’t Montreal. It would’ve been weird seeing him in a Habs uniform.

4 thoughts on “Updates You Already Know – Halpern And Jagr”

  1. What’s with Philly? Pick up Jagr to replace Carter and Richards? I don’t understand. Is Shero deferring all decision making to a magic 8 ball? They also picked up Talbot.

    On his past performance, Jagr deserves to retire making an impact à la Selanne or Recchi (sans cup of coarse), but because of the team he chose and never quite liking him I hope he goes with a whimper like Forsberg.

    As for Halpern, I was hoping to keep him. I don’t like this trend of 1 year rent-a-players. There’s slim pickings remaining in the free agent market this year.

  2. Oops, Holmgren is the brain dead Philly GM, not Ray Shero who’s in respectable Pittsburgh which is where Jagr should have gone and would have wished him well. Toss in Flyer coach dad Fred and these two cities are oh so similar but oh so different.

    I’ll take this as my cue to go have some beer and visit parliament. Happy Canada Day Dennis and everyone.

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