Update On John Lennon’s Habs Sweater

A year ago exactly I posted these great shots of John and Yoko with a Habs sweater John and Yoko on the Power Play, and what appeared to be number 5, and which I’d also assumed had taken place at the 1969 Bed-In for Peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

Easy to assume. But it wasn’t number 5 and it wasn’t during the Bed-In for Peace.

Yesterday I received a comment that you can see below the pictures.

Boom Boom Lennon

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Receiving Gift

Here’s the new comment, from a fellow who calls himself Ed.

“Glad to see these photos on your blog.. a bit of a clarification.
1. picture was taken in Dec 1969 months after the bed-in in June.
2. The number on the jersey is actually 15.. Bobby Rousseau.
How do I know?.. I bought that game worn jersey at McNiece’s Sports for $15.00 (that’s what they sold for – new jerseys were $22.)…and presented to John as well as the toques that they are both wearing.

John and Yoko had just spent a week in Toronto…and I figured that it would really piss off Leaf fans if he showed up with a Habs jersey.. The photo made the front page of the Sports section in The Gazette or Mtl. Star the following day.

Mission accomplished… I wonder where that jersey is now?”

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  1. Tuesday, December 23, 1969, is when John and Yoko met Trudeau in Montreal. No Gazette front page photo, but on page 2 John is wearing a business suit with a tie, and is pictured with the PM.

  2. The comment was that it was on the front page of the sports section of either the Gazette or Star, not the paper’s main front page. Plus, a meeting with the PM might mean wearing a suit but not at a press conference.

  3. I just checked some archived issues of The Gazette for the later part of Dec…didn’t see the Lennon-Habs photo.. must have been in The Montreal Star.
    The jersey photo was taken at a press conference set up in one of ballrooms at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.
    BTW… John met up with Trudeau at Parliament Hill in
    Ottawa, not in Montreal. He traveled to Ottawa from Montreal on his way back to Toronto in a private CNR wagon.. the observation car with the domed roof.

  4. Christopher, it’s not Tremblay who said it was his sweater, it was the writer who saw the photo and assumed, as I did, that it was number 5. I’m completely in line with what Ed is saying here.

  5. Sorry, I thought the story about Lennon was something Robillard wrote in the book after interviewing Tremblay. You’re right, as re-read that article, the mistake was by the Gazette writer who wrote the story about the book’s release. She was also wrong about where and when.

    It was at the Château Champlain which is a very short walk away from the Bell Centre.

  6. I thought it was me who got everything wrong at first, sending the pictures to you Dennis. I think I even mistook John for Yoko!

  7. LOL, that isn’t very clear is it? What I should have said was that when I first send you the pictures, I got almost every detail about it wrong, it turns out.

  8. Still not sure, Robert. When you sent the pics, other than #5, there really wasn’t much said. I thought it was at the Bed-In as I think you did. But what else was said that was wrong? I’m very confused.

  9. I can see how you’d mistake one for the other, Robert. They both look like two gurus in drag. You know it ain’t easy.

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