Ulf And Jacques, In The News

I noticed these on the back of a newspaper clipping I have from when I was a smallish-yet-shifty second baseman on my championship-winning Orillia peewee baseball team.

It’s the beginning of the 1963-64 NHL season and it states that Ulf Sterner was set to play his first NHL game, but he actually didn’t suit up until the following season, when he played four games with the Rangers.

In the other article, Jacques Plante, after being traded to N.Y., seems a little upset with his former team.


Plante 1


3 thoughts on “Ulf And Jacques, In The News”

  1. “Smallish-yet-shifty”…. so I guess Gaston comes by it honestly?

    Jacques was not the only one upset, I’m sure. Can you imagine twitter back then? Habs fans would have broken the internet. Permanently.

  2. So true, Roz. Twitter would have gone nuts. Everyone would have been on it. Except me. Because I’m always so boring and unsure of myself on Twitter. And no, Gaston doesn’t come by it honestly because he’s illegitimate. I’m writing this with my brand-new iPad on the couch because I put my back out lifting a bag of cement yesterday and I can’t sit in a chair right now.

  3. Love the typical pro European double standard where “Sterner would still be eligible for the Olympics if he plays.”

    The Canadiens were in a rut, they traded Plante after three years without winning the Cup, with one more after the trade before their next winning season. Five years between parades, how did fans survive?

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