U.S. 2 Russia 1

“That was some game between the U.S. and Russia, eh Red?”
“Sure was, Elmer. The shootout, Oshie, Datsyuk, Radulov penalties, Putin.”
“Hey Red, love this Bolshoy Ice Dome. Now that the game’s over, let’s go up on the roof and see if we can see Sarah Palin’s house in Alaska!”

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6 thoughts on “U.S. 2 Russia 1”

  1. There was a face-to-face scrum between Patch and Emelin in the 1st period and it didn’t look to friendly. I’m concerned if there is a Canada-Russia game getting ugly. I hope it was competition and nothing more because I don’t want to see our playoff run implode over this tournament. Olympic Gold isn’t anything compared to a 25th Cup

  2. I’m still trying to figure out what that sign above Elmer and Red says. Something about Alpaca blankets i think…

  3. I saw that scrum too, Mike. It felt wrong. And did you see an Yank check Markov (I think) and then keep on pushing him down?

    It’s ashamed Russia’s 3rd goal didn’t count,it was a beauty. The crowd goes nuts only to be let down.

  4. Can someone explain to me why Statsny is playing for the US after we smuggled his family into Canada in the 80’s? Nice way to say thanks.

  5. Paul was even born in Quebec City, but I guess he thinks of himself as American since he has grown up in the US since he was five. This is another problem with not having enough NHL teams in deserving Canadian cities.

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