Two Years Ago It Was The Same Old Song And Dance

Beatnik sent along this article from almost exactly two years ago, November 2008, and definitely, deja vu is in the air. Thanks Beatnik, for digging this up.

What Is Wrong With The Habs

(Correspondent) on November 20, 2008 – Montreal


What Is Wrong With The Habs
If you had to ask me right now what is wrong with the Montreal Canadiens, I would have to  say just about everything. Right now they can’t score, defense not finishing off their hits and most of all the powerplay has suffered. It seems players like Koivu, Kovalev, Lang and Tanquay are not on the ice at all. The only player keeping them in the game is Carey Price right now. They have to find some way out of this slump… I’d be calling Hamilton

4 thoughts on “Two Years Ago It Was The Same Old Song And Dance”

  1. The more things change the more they stay the same. What’s the common denominator here? The Bell Centre, that’s what. Nothing’s gone right since we left the Forum. I blame it on the ghosts and the hockey gods. Clearly us Habs fans are paying insufficient tribute. I shall have to buy some Leafs gear to toss into a live volcano whilst chanting “Habs rule” and dancing naked through a tropical hurricane.

    Seriously though, why has so little changed with a new coach, new players, and a new system?

  2. tyg….. congrats on winning my prizes. perhaps we can make a trade. how about some ocean front property in arizona, and yes you guessed it, free coyote tickets that come with a bottle of vodka……. let’s make a deal

  3. Hobo if you can send me Markov along with the vodka, I’ll do the deal, and if the Phoenix Poodles are playing the Habs and it involves tix to that game, it’s done for sure. Otherwise, no sale. The dry desert air will turn my skin to leather, regardless of how much expensive moisturizer I slather on. A gal’s gotta think about these things, y’know?

    Thanks for the congrats. I shall upload many pics for you to seethe with jealousy over.

  4. Hey Dennis,Well,I was thinking about last nites game today,I wasnt stuck on it though just thought about it from time to time.I think that the Habs missed some glorious chances to score goals on Garon.They seemed to lack timing in all of their attacks on the Blue Jackets,we all know how important timing is in hockey.Carey Price made some outstanding saves on his 21 shots,just not able to put any by Garon.It’s early just yet,let them get used to each other out there,P.K. has to be a little more carefull as to when he goes on a rush ,but I think it will all fall into place.

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