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  1. Danno, I need to study this closely. My little pea brain needs to takes its time with something like this.

  2. Cherry is not even man enough to apologise and show some respect to P.K., who he said that somebody was going to get on the ice.

    P.K. is so talented, and so much faster than Cherry can even think.

    Got any balls Cherry! lets hear you spew your crap now.!!

  3. PK doesn’t need to argue with guys like Cherry. He lets his action on the ice do the talking…

  4. After many years of pathetic management and a half ass product on the ice, Robert Gainey came back to town to change course for this whole franchise. Bob promised us 5 years of hard work before he would step down. He pulled it off, changing everything from top to bottom in the organisation.

    Now we have a club to be proud of once again. We have a product on the ice that entertains us every night. The excitement, hope and pride is back throughout the Hab,s kingdom.

    We all know the problems that we have endured the last 3 seasons as we move players out of town, bringing in some from outside and shuttling players between Hamilton and Montreal.

    We have built and we are still building a long term successful franchise again. We have loads of young talent, from the CHL, College ranks and farm clubs. Our depth is obvious and envied by every other NHL club.

    We have all been critical of some moves, players and our coaching staff at various times over the past three years. But think about how we have been able to over come so much adversity and stay competitive. We have a lot to be thankful for, as we have been entertained each night, then wait eagerly for the start of each next match.

    Yes we are growing, to be the very best in the league, and finally, the one thing we can say with a lot of pride as fans now, is that we know we will be on top soon and we know that we can beat any team in the league now, on any given night.

    Yes indeed, the name of the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club is respected once again throughout the hockey world. And we as fans are being entertained at the edge of our seats enjoying this great ride once again.

    Bring on those Bruins.!!!!!

  5. Really well said, Ian. Thank you very much. I get mad at them sometimes but I love them, and I wait impatiently for the day when we see the Cup hoisted again.

  6. Dennis, here’s a great tribute video featuring Price and Subban that just came out..


    I agree with Ian. I felt last night’s game was a real classic match. It certainly was one of the best games of the year. Honestly, either team could have won it but Price was the key and deciding factor. That glove save in the third period was just breathtaking. And without Crawford in nets Chicago would have lost by a wide margin. It was a real goaltenders’ duel for sure.

    Ian’s right about the Habs being able to compete against any team in the league. I’ll bet Boston isn’t looking forward to meeting us if it gets to that.

    PK has brought many moments of joy to our house. I remember hearing such good things about him when he was in Hamilton and wondered why Martin waited so long to call him up. But his timing was excellent. PK got off to a fantastic start and he hasn’t stopped since.

    And now it’s obvious to everyone that we kept the best goalie. Price has got to be the most mentally-tough guy in pro sports. Plus his physical toughness is nothing to sneeze at. When PK ran into him it was like he hit a brick wall.

    I get mad at them sometimes too, but I love this team. Here’s hoping we go all the way this year.

    By the way, ever since I got that Rocket Richard hockey card the Habs are undefeated.

    Tickets for the playoffs go on sale online on Saturday. I’m going to try and get a couple.

  7. Dennis, 2000 and all top notch. Sorry, but I’ll have to max out after 50000 more, after that I think your quality will start to drop.

  8. But Christopher, I’m sure the nursing home will have internet and I’ll still be able to put stuff out. A staff worker should be able to help with the typing. Nope, I see no reason why you can’t read for another 10,000 at least.

  9. And Dennis, if you’re anything like you’re father, by the time you’re in a home, there won’t be a need for a keyboard.

  10. Chris, every day we visit my dad and for ther first minute he’s a frail old man and then something happens. He clicks in and loses ten years and becomes quite normal. I’t amazing. His mind is as sharp as a tack, but he has trouble walking.

  11. And Chris, by that time PK will be the senior guy on the blueline and all the young players will be looking up to him and he’ll be teaching some hotshot rookie how to be an NHLer. It’ll all be very exciting. I’ll still have my car which will have collector plates on it, and I’ll have won the lottery so we can have a house on the coast and one in Ontario.

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