Two Things

To avoid the busy bridges between the south shore and downtown Montreal, I bought a boat after I got my first paycheque, a boat you can see below, and one which I moor near the Champlain Bridge on the south shore.

So whenever I need to go downtown, I just hop in, fire it up, bomb across, and dock in Old Montreal while I go for a quick beer and pizza at an outdoor cafe!

Pretty soon I’m going to pull it with my Mazda 3 up to the Laurentians for the weekend. It’s going to be great.


Also, last week I was sitting at the bar at St. Hubert restaurant (in St. Hubert), and a magician, who is there every Friday, came up to me and offered to do a couple of card tricks.

All I remember about the first trick was saying “Holy shit!” when he did it. But it was the second one that really stood out. Although it’s probably one of the oldest card tricks in the book.

He flicked the cards quickly from one hand to the other and as he was doing it, he told me that whenever I was ready, say stop and pick a card. I did, I showed him, and he had me initial opposite corners. Then he put my card, the Queen of clubs, back in the deck, shuffled, and pulled out the wrong card. I said that wasn’t it, and he said “Oops”, then went into his wallet, went through all his money and personal papers, and pulled out a card in which he’d written in marker, the Queen of clubs.

He said he figured I’d choose the Queen of clubs.

And if that wasn’t weird enough, he turned it over and it was my card, the one I’d initialed.

It wasn’t so much that he’d chosen the right card, it was how he managed to put it in his wallet when I was watching closely the whole time, just a foot and a half away. Of course I would never ask him or anyone else how he did this. A magician never reveals his secrets. card 1

card 2



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