Two Points In Tampa

Canadiens squeak one out in Tampa Bay with the help of Lars Eller connecting in the shootout and Carey Price holding the fort at the other end.

Somehow they found a way again, even though many of the guys have decided they hate scoring and never want to do it anymore. Many have gone gomezionian. The scoring on this team is drier than a vermout-less martini.

But several posts were hit if it’s a consolation of sorts. Which it shouldn’t be. A post isn’t even a shot on net.

Two big points after a week off, with rust wide awake as the boys looked discombobulated throughout. But they’ve looked discombobulated often lately so maybe we can’t blame it on rust completely.

Regardless, they won the game and that’s what we asked for before it started. So we should be happy, even though the game wasn’t great and neither was the team.

The shots were low (24-21 Tampa), and the score was low – Pleks in the second period, Martin St. Louis for the bad guys, and Eller in the shootout. But the points are high for the Canadiens – 49 – which keeps them in the thick of things, way up near the top.

Naysayers continue to wait for the Canadiens to implode and it hasn’t happened yet. These folks are getting restless.

The team isn’t imploding, they’re winning more often than not. Even when they look lousy. How can that be?

And as an extra bonus, the win also ends Tampa’s five-game winning streak!

Carey Price was exceptional again, P.K. played with some swagger, and David Desharnais showed smarts often with the puck. But the team in general continues to show very little punch around the net, goals are way too hard to come by, and I can’t help thinking that Marc Bergevin will be doing some tweaking very soon.

I just don’t see much change in the scoring situation until the GM steps in and does what he has to do.

The team needs some firepower (and a couple of other things as well), and thank goodness Carey Price is having a season to remember. Otherwise, there’d be no 49 points to talk about.

Now it’s over to the other side of Florida to meet the Panthers Sunday at 5 pm ET. Two more points, even without much scoring, would be just fine thank you very much.

5 thoughts on “Two Points In Tampa”

  1. I’m O.K. with this lousy win if this is as lousy as we are going to get. 49 points after 37 games ain’t too shabby. And fourth place in the conference is pretty darn good too.

  2. My amazing dog sent you pictures from his Facebook page of Tampa’s arena. There is only one entrance to speak of…

  3. It wasn’t a pretty win but, as you noted, at least it was a win. “Gomezionian”. I like that term to describe the collective scoring drought. Still, it’s a concern, because for one or two players to slump is expected. For an entire team to be completely unable to put the puck in the net is something else. That has to be, in my mind, something related to the coaching style and the way the team plays. One positive side note: The Habs finally beat Ben Bishop, who really had their number before last night.

  4. Yeah, Ian. The scoring is a concern. Montreal has 98 goals for, which is second worst of the eight top teams in the east. But they’re still finding ways to win which is amazing.

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