Two More Young Bucks

The Canadiens, choosing 34th in the second round, picked 6’2″ Swedish left winger Jacob De La Rose, and then went again at #34 and grabbed the top-ranked goalie in the draft, Rosemere native Zachary Fucale.

Rosemere is just north of Montreal, and Fucale, who’s been minding nets for the Halifax Mooseheads of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league, is a Carey Price fan and of course a Habs fan.

How great is that!

With Fucale between the pipes and first overall pick Nathan MacKinnon and third overall Jonathan Drouin roaming the ice up front, it’s no wonder the Mooseheads captured this year’s Memorial Cup.

De La Rose’s number’s can be found here and Fucale’s here.

2 thoughts on “Two More Young Bucks”

  1. Dear Habs,, Lifelong fan here, and when do we finally get rid of Trevor Timmins?? So what he has alot of players in the NHL right now, those stats are deceiving, as those are the Chipchuras,Higgins, Komisareks, Kostitsyns and others We didnt Want.. His biggest mistake is he simply cannot Identify players that COMBINE size with skill, he either drafts smurfs with some talent or,like todays first two picks, Big players that will be at best average third and fourth liners.. If he does such a good job,why are we so bad come the playoffs/? Why do we have to add via free agency third and fourthliners like Armstrong, Halpern, Prust,and Moen..Cant we draft our own ?? Habs fans delusional thinking Timmins does a goodjob, since he left Ottawa, just look at good that young team has become.. After all, they sent us home this year…

  2. HabFab, the draft is merely a crap shoot. Today’s picks could make Timmins look like a genius, or add to the stable of players you mention like Chipchura and the Kostitsyns. I’m a lifelong fan too, and all I can I do is hope these guys pan out. I love that one is huge and a forward, and I also like the idea of nailing down the top-ranked goalie in the draft. in the past, adding guys like Armstrong and Moen for example, fill up holes. All teams have role players like this, including Cup champions. You mentioned Prust, and this guy did everything for his team this year. He’s no Guy Lafleur but he’s important and was one of the key guys that helped bring the team out of the basement. I love his leadership and williness to get his nose dirty.I completely understand your frustration, and I think all we can do now is hope some of these picks surprise the heck out of us. I just want the Habs to get bigger and keep their speed. The odd power forward is like gold, and maybe Timmins and Bergevin and others’ decision to take McCarron was brilliant. We need to wait and see. Trust me, I’m impatient for a Montreal powerhouse and Cup. I’m not getting an younger.

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