Two Lucky Kids Meet Their Hero

Two lucky kids have won the big contest to “Meet A Habs fan.” The kids, wearing Canuck and Leaf sweaters, saved their paper route money for months and in the end outbid hundreds of other young hockey fans who had bid furiously for the honour of meeting a real-life Habs fan.

Congratulations to the two winners. You’re pretty lucky.

5 thoughts on “Two Lucky Kids Meet Their Hero”

  1. What about the poor Hab fan. What terrible deed did he do to merit such a punishment? I hope that he got the cash at least.

  2. Dennis, taking the hard earned money of the Leaf and Canuck fans. They really need to put it toward a donation at a local church in the event of a Cup for their teams.

    Give the funds back. God smiles on the Habs. 🙂

    P.S. When are you going to do more receipes – I’m hungry!

  3. These smart kids of today…no Alberta fans!! At the very least, they have excellent taste…

  4. …I’m thinking… archives or photoshop. These young kids really look like they grew up in maybe the 80’s. Nice try tho’

  5. Jan, I’m shocked that you’re not taking this seriously. Those young Leaf and Canuck fans spent their hard-earned money to be with a real Habs fan. I’m sure they were thrilled.

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