Two Games, And Still No Goals

It’s certainly a double whammy when you not only lose the first two games of the series but you also don’t score a single goal in doing so.

And it wasn’t like the Canadiens were terrible in game two either in their 3-0 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. They had chances, although I agree with the CBC crew that Flyers’ goalie Michael Leighton could see most of those chances.

A real telling example of the Canadiens woes came late in the game when PK Subban fired a blast from the point with Habs traffic in front. But as soon as Subban’s stick made contact with the puck, Brian Gionta moved quickly away from the front and gave Leighton a clear view. It was a great save, but the puck would have been in if Gionta wouldn’t have ducked out of the way.

Sometimes you have to let the puck bounce in off your head or face or groin to score. You have to do it for the team. You can’t let the goalie see the puck and the Canadiens are making this guy look like Jaroslav Halak. Halak, though, isn’t playing like Halak.

The wrong guy is playing like Jaroslav Halak.

The team as a whole? Outscored 9-0 in these two games. Can you think of anything more depressing?

Now the Habs are down two games and going back to Montreal. They played better than in game one, which is a good sign. But they have to solve the goalie, and that means not ducking away when shots come in. Bruises and cuts heal.

Random Notes:

Sergei Kostitsyn was in the lineup and Benoit Pouliot was scratched.

17 thoughts on “Two Games, And Still No Goals”

  1. We’re screening the wrong goalie.

    Lazy defence, frightened offence. They are making this a cake-walk for Philly. Where was the team that was destroying the best teams in the league a few weeks back? Where’s the heart, the work? Where’s the spirit of the underdog that was keeping them going? Has Philly’s possibly more impressive underdog story taken the wind from our sails?

    Get in Leighton’s face, get the forwards moving, get the defense checking. Every 14 year old in the country knows this. Why don’t all the guys being paid the big bucks know it?

  2. Hey Dennis, I said it before Don Cherry ,but always agree with the guy,there is nobody in front of the net.I also mentioned ,before Glenn Healy ,that the Habs
    looked scared,just like the last time they met in the playoffs.Jaro Halak is not the goaltender he was,he looks scared,Carey Price would be a good addition right now ,let him see just what is going on above the heads of the opposition.C’mon Jaques ,you cant be that slow.

  3. The Habs are intimidated by the fans and by the big bodies of the Flyers. They’re playing timid. Not all but enough to bring the team down. Halak sucked on the last goal. Bring Price in as he is a big body and get O’Byrne in and MAB for petes sakes. MAB stick handles a little and makes a lot of bad passes. Evident tonight and please no one say MA played a good game because he played like crap AGAIN!. We need courageous guys playing, not a bunch of pretty boys wanting to protect their looks and shying away. They played better but that small consolation to their fans. Chicken shit hockey. The fans deserve better.

  4. Sorry for my rant people. Disregard my comments. Just a little ticked at such a silly game. They still have a chance.

  5. Mayo, never apologize for a good rant. Good rants are great. And you make tons of sense.

  6. I know what you’re saying , Derry, but I don’t trust Price right now. Does this mean we’re back to a goalie controvery again? And to answer a previous question Derry which I forgot about – yes, that was TC’s pub, Myo, Mikey and I were, the same one you were in.

  7. David, your points are great. “Lazy defence, frightened offence.” Way too easy for Philly. Way too easy. Where is the team, where is the spirit and system? Storm the net, fire like crazy, show some pizzazzz.

  8. I’m surprised O’Byrne didn’t make an appearance. He can push the forwards out. Or plant him in front of Leighton. We need to do something to throw him off his game. He’s not supposed to be this good. Montreal definitely isn’t this bad.

  9. Chris, they’re definitely not this bad, and need some more adjustments. O’Byrne might be the best adjustment. This is a guy, if he doesn’t have to handle the puck a whole lot, who can be a solid and important guy on the blueline. He’s got some style, and he’s huge. If he was better with the puck and more offensive skills, he’d be a marquee player.

  10. Dennis, this is an outrage.

    It’s as if the evil stepsisters of the NHL have high have managed to highjack this Cinderella story.

    They may be ugly, but they finally found their prince in Michael Leighton — and Peter Laviolette.

    Meanwhile, it’s as if the Habs have spent too much time at the ball and their coach has turned into a pumpkin.

    The final chapter of this tale remains unwritten. But the way things are going, we may need the help of the Fairy Godmother to magically transform this team back to the giant killers that slayed the mighty Caps and Pens.

    And if we don’t start scoring goals, it will soon be “That’s all she wrote.”

    Let’s change the storyline. If we win both at home we can be on our way to a happy ending.

  11. reality check…… we are just seeing the team we saw for most of the season. we are having all the same discussions again……. perhaps the wash. pitts. series were an anomaly. heck, those series even made jm look like a good coach………. hopefully the anomaly team will rear it’s beautiful head again. it is in there some where………….. don’t forget philly had a shitty year. they were picked to finish much higher. they have a very good team, lucky too.

  12. I didn’t watch the game, but this is absolutely ridiculous. No goals? Maybe the 2 games at the Bell Center will light a spark and send the Habs on a rally.

    Do you believe in a comeback?

  13. You know, we could be the Sharks, so yeah, it could be worse. Or, we could be the Leafs. Just saying.

    Agree Leighton’s getting clean looks at pretty much everything. He’s doing something right, but if you can’t pot a goal in 2 games at an ECF, chances are pretty good you’re doing something wrong as well.

    Have no faith Habs will fix it simply because of JM’s stupid defensive system.

    Posted this below in the Pouliot thread – Doghouse currently being occupied by BP. SK on a day pass. Maybe longer? JM playing favorites again.

  14. TYg, Montreal is currently playing the way they did for much of the season – player slumps, guys in doghouse, which goalie to play. It’s deja vu. Just when I thought it was all ancient history.

  15. What, Sergei Kostitsyn played last night? Never saw him.

    Yes, Pouliot hasn’t scored in a while, but I always thought he played hard.

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