Two For Prust

Brandon Prust has been suspended for two games for what the big shots have determined as a late hit that apparently broke Derek Stepan’s jaw.

Must have been quite a break. Stepan, in his post game whining, spoke like his jaw was completely normal.

Of course I’m no doctor. But I just always thought that when your jaw is broken, it’s noticeable in your speech.


7 thoughts on “Two For Prust”

  1. I am sorry but, it was absolute tactics for alain vigneault and the Rangers organization to come out this morning prior to the Hearing with the news that Stepan had been injured. I knew that had to be a bid for Prust to be suspended, meanwhile this is how i see it: If Stepan is out with Broken Jaw for the duration Prust is Suspended i can stomach this ruling, otherwise it is a complete insult and the Rangers should be embarrassed for slinging this kind of propaganda to force feed a ruling in favor after Stepan had no problem skating, hitting, cussing, yapping, and generally being as productive as he was prior to that hit.

    Lets all give our head a shake and hope the Habs come out on fire with some goal scoring revenge on this ruling….it reminds me of Gryba and Eller….took Eller out of the rest of season…the media all surrounded the fact that it was “Habs fault” for passing a suicide pass….so quickly the propaganda can persuade….He got two games for that hit, blood on the ice, stretchered off….big f’n difference in Stepans level of injury from what i watched….further more I read the following Quote:
    “I think guys were unhappy there wasn’t a call on the play,” Kreider told reporters. “Obviously, it was away from the play so not a lot of people saw it. But I think the sentiment today is the same as it was yesterday, that it wasn’t a clean hit. Hopefully the league deals with it justly.”

    He has balls….considering his obvious friction free path to do what he likes to goalies due to his epic ability to pretend he actually didnt mean to hit Price. WTF ?

  2. I ditto Andy’s remarks about Chris Kreider being one the world’s biggest hypocrite.

    The Rangers are getting worse than the Bruins in the whining and diving department.

    I’m going to start calling them the Broadway Drama Queens.

    These are desperate tactics resorted to by teams that can’t win just by playing hockey.

    I predict the Rangers will suffer the same fate as the Bruins. They will be eliminated by the Habs who just keep on rolling along no matter what happens to them.

  3. It was a late hit and deserved to be penalized. For comparison, I think it was much later than the Chara hit on Pacioretty. It was an open ice hit by a normal sized player resulting in a unfortunate freak injury. Two minutes or two games, I don’t know. A monkey flipping a coin in the back room makes better and more consistent decisions. But I definitely don’t want the NHL to start using can’t return until the injured returns as a basis for suspension duration.

  4. Christopher, about the Chara hit. The puck was about 30 feet down the ice by the time it happened, so I’m under the impression it was much later than Prust’s.

  5. It was a late hit so it should have been two minutes for interference. This business about a broken jaw is just the Rangers way of jazzing it up to get Prust suspended.

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