Two Big Points As Habs Edge Buffalonians

The Canadiens certainly never dominated, and they almost blew it, but the end result was a win, a 4-3 shootout win, and it’s two points in the bank that pushes the boys to within six points of 8th place Toronto.

Six points with 23 games left! No sweat. I don’t know why we were so concerned. Of course if Toronto keeps winning, we’re screwed anyway. Hell, if anyone keeps winning we’re screwed. Wasn’t it Einstein who came up with the theory that winning while others win equals losing?

It was a seesaw affair all the way through. Buffalo jumped out to a 1-0 lead, Tomas Kaberle tied it, then Buffalo once again took the lead before Scott Gomez fired one home with just 14 seconds remaining in the first, and once again the game was tied.

Did I just say Scott Gomez? His second goal of the season? This puts him well ahead of his pace and possibly deserves a raise for this.

Chris Campoli gave the team the lead in the third, but once again the Habs pulled a Linda Lovelace and before you can say George Stroumboulopoulos, the game was tied after a weak effort from defenders Kaberle and Campoli, which sounds like an Italian comedy team.

The overtime came and went, although the Sabres came close way too many times, and finally the Canadiens found success in the shootout as both Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais solved Ryan Miller, and a good time was had by all if you were a Habs fan.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Buffalo 30, Habs 19.

Gomez was selected third star behind Max and Carey Price. Third star. The thought of Gomez in these lofty heights is making me dizzy.

Why didn’t Randy Cunneyworth clue in before that the secret to shootout success is to go with the Cole line, or in the case tonight, two-thirds of the Cole line. They’ve been the most consistent shooters all year, so you’d have to think they’d probably do well in shootouts, which is what happened tonight with both Max and Desharnais getting it done.

Ryan White played with vim and vigour, and he has that nice little edge that keeps everybody on their toes. Travis Moen’s been the go-to guy all year in the feistiness department, but White does it with more energy, and probably, once he gets going, with a little more consistency. Moen’s name has come up often recently in trade speculation, and it seems it could be a possibility. Is it a luxury to have two of these types of battlers, or are Moen’s days now numbered with White’s return?

Next game – Sunday, when the boys host the Devils.


8 thoughts on “Two Big Points As Habs Edge Buffalonians”

  1. Dennis, it was ugly at times, but I’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss at this point.

    The Habs will face off against Toronto two more times this season including the last game of the regular schedule. So it is not impossible for the Habs to squeak into a playoff spot.

    I hope the Canucks do us a favour and crush the Leafs tonight.

  2. Looks like the Habs are pulling the plug on doing anything in the playoffs if they make it…Gill was the big shutdown shot blocker needed for anykind of run…It was a good deal for the Habs

    If they are true sellers they better deal Moen, Kostitsyn and Campoli as TSN suggests and stock up on picks…..

    Does Blake Geoffrion speak french…I hope so for his sake…

  3. re:Danno

    I hope my Leafs are praying to the Hockey gods…They will need prayers plus a pile of lucky stars against the Canucks tonite…

    Go Leafs

  4. Leaf Fan, I want to apologize right now. I want the Leafs to get their asses kicked. I’m very sorry.

  5. Leaf Fan, I’m sure Blake doesn’t speak French. But it doesn’t matter. It’s only the coach these people are concerned about.

  6. Danno, it was ugly but that’s fine. Sort of. They’re still playing better than they were, but it’s not perfect. I just keep thinking that six points out isn’t bad.

  7. Game was pretty sloppy. I am surprised to see Price playing mediocre these days. Hopefully he gets his game together. Gomez is surprising. This may help bring the team together if he starts producing. Awesome shot too.

    Toronto has a pretty tough schedule over the next 15 games. They play 11 teams who have more points 11x; 9 away and 6 home games. Washington or Winnipeg may be the teams to watch.

    Habs schedule is much easier (more home games and against weaker teams). Scarey because we play shitty against weaker teams so this may work against us. It may bea easier to get in the hunt if these three teams swap the 8th position every night. And I’m going to the Habs Nucks game on 10th. Centre ice, 11 rows back. Will be going with 2 friends and my daughter. Her first game and I think she is wearing a habs jersey too!!!

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