Two Best Hockey Photos From Back Then

I don’t know if it’s still done, but for years, four or so literary judges would get together and decide on the best American sports stories and photographs of the year. Prizes would be awarded first place, second, third and so on, and writers would be the best of the best, like Red Smith at the New York Herald Tribune, Dick Young of the New York Daily News, and Gay Talese from Esquire, to name three of dozens involved.

These, in the minds of the judges, are the two top hockey photos of 1964.

The first was taken by Ray Scotty Morris of the San Francisco Examiner of a bunch of San Francisco Seals of the old Western Hockey League spraying snow on a lovely lady named Vicki Ross. I didn’t think it was all that gentlemanly, but it was a prize winner. And what’s the guy on the left looking at?

The second was from Paul McGuire of the Boston Globe, with a shot of the Red Wings in front of the net trying to block Boston’s Murray Oliver from getting a shot on Terry Sawchuk. Looks like there’s a good chance that Bill Gadsby, kneeling, could be getting a puck in the face in about one second.

3 thoughts on “Two Best Hockey Photos From Back Then”

  1. Not exactly what I’d call the best hockey photos. The girl is nicely put together but….meh.

  2. Darth, those photos were probably pretty outstanding in 1964, but you’re right, compared to now with fancy cameras and photograph schools, we’re used to great pictures. Poor Vicki got sprayed. I hope someone toweled her off.

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